Building Negativity

Hello Beauties,  (Please read, very important)

 I’ve decided in this first blog post that I would like to say that my page I’m creating is not to Isolate, block, or offend any other race. I for one believe truly in living together as one so their is no denials on my part that if you are from another race that you cant follow my blog, be a part of the group, or ask for advice being a blk women is just really important that we build each other up because we’ve been taught to tear each other down, that theirs only room at the top for one, hate your own features that make you unique, and just to basically spread hate among each other. I want to further build up our community of sisterhood love we have for each other, and from what I’ve seen we don’t come together often enough to really stick together like other groups. So some of the conversations we have only a black woman to another can really understand that hurt, pain, laughter or history. So please I don’t want you to think your excluded or I’m being racist by my head title (Black Girl Sister Hood) I just wanted to get a chance to spread love to my other African beauties and let them know they matter, they are important, their beautiful just the way they are, their hair is beautiful, their skin color is beautiful and their valued. If you are of another race you can help to emphasize on those affirmations and just love everyone as GOD intended us.

By (Sista Love)

Read my blog and find out. I dare you?

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