Daily Affirmations

Do you believe in daily affirmations? Do you say them or have said them in the past? My daily affirmation that i say and which i have fell off from doing but will get back on doing is Thank you lord for waking me up this morning, giving me a new day and life here on earth. I will encourage you guys to try this if you don’t do it already. Some other affirmations that i will be starting. You are Beautiful, You are Wanted, Your are Kind, You have passion, You have purpose, Your life means something, You are loved, You will be loved, Your smart, and most important Your a child of God.

Comment and share with me some of your favorite daily affirmations that you have so i can try them out. Do you like some of the affirmations that i’ve said and have you used them? do you like them? let’s talk about it and spread the word about it. Subscribe to the blog and email me:

  1. Thank you so much my sista, your recent words of encouragement let’s me know that there is hope for us…

By (Sista Love)

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