Chilling, Relaxing, Macking, & Eating some Food?

Hey there girlfriends- How are you holding up during this time of social distancing? Are you anxious, annoyed, afraid, or overwhelmed? Maybe you don’t care about this pandemic at all or think it’s a big hoax? either way you may feel, this is what I would like to do; I hope and pray over your home at this time that you are surviving that you stay healthy and if anyone’s sick that they become better, I pray that your family is fed and just the overall well being of your heart and mind. I know many of us may feel isolated but sometimes I feel as if this behavior is how you behave on a normal basis. Yes you go out with friends to lunch but if you look at the table everyone is sitting there together but they’re on social media the whole time and the only time they share jokes is when its a funny post or video? Some people are not having meaningful conversations among friends without the use of their devices, and I know even now it’s more attempting to jump on social media to see what everyone else is doing but I will encourage you to Facetime your friends. Plan a exercise schedule together on facetime for everyone who is using this time to workout. What about if you read a book together then phone your friends to discuss the book together. Start a new bible plan together? or just read the bible for yourself. Do as I Am if you like start writing, and oh another big one for some people learn how to play some card games like my all time favorite SPADES!!! yes im actually tired of hearing people say they don’t know to play spades because it’s a good game and you need a good partner because it’s serious-oh and fun too lol… I want to hear about something new you’ve learned during this time? So comment on this blog or email me for more insights on things you can do or if you need help starting up something. Email: –

By (Sista Love)

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