Happy Easter -He has risen for you!

Hello beauties, happy Easter to you and your families. I hope in this trying time you dedicate your time to finding yourself, discovering a suppress talent, starting a business, or maybe just working out your mind, body and spirit for a better over all being during this quarantine. I’ve started to read a daily bible plan on the You Version bible app called “Easter in the kingdom by Edmound Teo” and its 7 days long so it will end exactly on Easter Sunday. On a side not I also have some food ideas I will be making for Easter, Drop a comment below if you want me to share the recipes with you. The focus of this post is to focus on Jesus and his resurrection that took place Easter Sunday and I want to share a prayer with you from the bible plan that is awesomely written . Prayer: Dear Father, when I face situations that anger and frustrate me, teach me to exercise restraint. And that I will always bring healing to those who are hurting. Set my heart in you and for you, so that nothing of this world can distract and discourage me. In Jesus name I pray, Amen. I’ve chosen this prayer for you all and myself to read and challenge because during this time you may find your self frustrated, angry, super bored, lonely, scared, worried, needing attention, needing direction, needing hope, or just a sense of direction over your life. It is easy to become distracted and discourage with this world so lets pray about it and focus our life in Jesus word and teaching. You are strong, You are smart, You are beautiful, You have value and You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!!. Be well, be safe, & stay home. Email me to talk

By (Sista Love)

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