I Love Those ……

As a new journey in life is beginning for me, by blogging to all of you guys I really want to share with you why I started this. It all happened one day I was driving to work and although I got some music playing my mind happens to drift off, I’m not sure if that ever happened to any of you but your mind drifts off and yes I was still focusing on the road trying to be a careful driver, but i thought to myself wow I really don’t have any girlfriends I can hang out with, travel, go to new spots, and just have an all around girls night out. As a women of color its hard just walking up to each other and starting a conversation and it ending with your real cool we should hang out sometimes (My experience at least). So I thought to myself if there was an open place where we can start that conversation then people will feel free to open up more and make genuine connections and hang out among ourselves with good conversation. Soooo here’s that place, I hope to meet you, hear from you, and see you so we can embark on a friendship and build a trust of communication keeping our secrets even if your mad at me, sharing our aspirations because I’m rooting for you to win and establishing good times. (20 years later ) we laughed of the times we had. Comment, share & Join me (I Love Those..Moments) Email:

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Hello sista,
I am so excited to be a part of a sisterhood of women doing positive things. Hats of to you, and to each and everyone of us, we are black queens union on every level.

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I love this. I need and want all the Blackness and magic in my life. It’s weird because I feel like I just owned my blackness and what not a few years ago and now I feel like I’m playing catch up. But thank you for offering a safe space! Following

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Hello Jaymee I’m so glad your owning your blackness because you are descendants of royalty and you deserve to be appreciated.. super happy you found my blog my outcome is for us to connect you can always reach me on here or email me you can always ask me for advice or just to talk


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