Single and Happily Married

Where all of my single sitas who are happily married? Wait I’m probably not making sense to you guys because you’re probably thinking if I’m single how can I be happily married? Well beauties as I prepared to write this post this morning watching worship service on my phone one song I repeated 3 times and it was Tasha Cobb “Put a praise on it”. Check out this song, without going into it to much she speaks about a miracle & breakthrough with your name on it so you got to put a praise on it. Sis in search of your next relationship you need to put a praise on it. I know some of you may be like me well I’ve prayed and nothing happened, You feel tired of trying and still a little lonely all in the same breath. You’ve even told yourself well love is not in the cards for everyone, maybe I am that one person it just won’t happen too. For some us it seems as if you can’t even get noticed and fear not I want you to know that isn’t true. See it took me time to write this post and of course without making this to long I had to really think about what to share because I don’t want this to be another cliché of your single, dating or married life is going to be exactly because that can differ but I want to share a breakthrough that helped me and I’m going to do another follow up post on singleness, but until then please go to YouTube and watch Pastor Michael Todd Relationship Goals. My beautiful sisters oh we got a conversation on our hand an its going to be a good one !! and I’m gong to share how I was dealing with it next post. Please follow, like, subscribe, & share.  Remember any questions, advice, or just sista love needed Email me:

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