Am I Cursed? Single much

Hello Beauties, in my last post Single and Happily married I spoke a little about being single and what I was watching and doing to prepare myself for the marriage that’s coming, if you missed it please go back and check it out. Now let me lay the foundation for some of you who may feel like what I ‘am about to describe. I truly had believed I was Cursed!!! yes I kid you not, and that’s all because I was single for couple years, it had gotten so bad I even thought something was wrong with me or better yet someone had place a curse on me. So lets see I’m beautiful and it not me being boastful but when your interactions with the opposite sex is few and far in between you can sometime doubt your own beauty, and I’m here to remind you Don’t Do It!. (Yes the Caps was needed). I said I can cook, I was clean, I’m funny, Sweet, Caring, Loved pushing people to their full potential, let me just say I could name off attributes that I thought and was teach all mattered but somehow I was still being overlooked. Before some of you say well I can’t cook so your saying I won’t be found, no wait stop not at all because you can learn how to cook not just for a man but your own survival needs. Now being clean you need to know how do that and once again that one has nothing to do with a man being involved its for you. The other attributes I’m sure you have and to the right person you will either have more of these attributes then anyone they’ve ever met. Ok so back to me telling everyone how someone put a cursed on me and I think its one my Ex’s lol and I just cant find anyone and I give up and I don’t care, and Love is not for everyone and maybe its just not for me, and these men just want to play anyways and you can imagine the list went on. And let me just say its not that nooo one was reaching but I stared to figure out when some guys playing games and refused to play a long or keep texting or entertaining them because I’m bored. You must learn to stop that as well because in the end it will only keep you confused and feeling like yet again its not going to happen for me. So here’s what I found out by growing my faith and really leaning to the worship of the lord, you are not Cursed! let me repeat that again you are not Cursed!. You are not meant to be with just anybody, your not entitle to sell yourself short because you think its the only way to get someone to notice and love you. You have Standards stick to them because the right man will level up to meet them. So now you ask where or when is that man that I talk about coming? Soon but you must prepare yourself, see I name some positive things about me and I left out some of the things that’s wrong with me and if you say ain’t nothing wrong with you your lying to yourself right there and that means your not self aware.

So I’m going to end this blog here and I will pick up on it in my next post we will speak more about self awareness and other good things that’s going to help you. If you like this post Please Follow, Subscribe, Comment, Share, and Like this. Don’t forget you can use My contact form to contact me with any advice needed or just someone to listen to you judgement free. For direct contact feel free to email me: Thank you, please stay tuned and let me know what you think.

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