It’s you Birthday

Go, Go, Go, its your birthday were going to party like its your birthday we going to sip Bacardi like its your birthday and we don’t really care because it your birthday. (quote from 50cent). So I recently  had a Birthday, when was it you say ugh okay since you pull my arm I’ll tell you May 3rd (This is the part you insert noise to celebrate) lol so before I go on Shout out to all my Taurus and my May birthdays I see you out there, stay safe and grounded. So before you ask what I did to celebrate the easy answer is NOTHING, well let me re-phrase that nothing as in nothing I’m use to doing. Here’s what I did do I ate an awesome brunch breakfast drink bottomless mimosa’s had a good lunch and dinner and watch movies all day and lets just say it was good no major complaints but it was also boring.  Why boring? because its something I wasn’t use to and for you if you have a birthday coming up or had a birthday passed while this epidemic you may feel isolated, bored, lonely, upset, frustrated, and the list can go on with the emotions that can just come up, but I’m here to say It is still your birthday and for that you were able to turn a new age and given just that gift you can always celebrate it at a later time. See once I got out of my own head the feelings of being bored I remembered that I made it to Celebrate a Birthday and this not a post of guilt that I want to place on you but just a reminder there were people out their who planned for their birthday too and its not just the old it the young as well and for our race more than any other right now Us black people who planned and didn’t get to share it here on earth and for that reason alone if you did have a birthday you must still rejoice and give praises to our God for allowing us to still see it here on earth. Plans and celebrations can always be done at a later time but you life, safety, health while here on earth CAN NOT BE!! So please my Brothers and Sisters Happy Birthday and I pray many more to come but use this time and give praises to God and be happy for the extended time given to you on earth and stay safe stay home you are beautiful in your natural state, your hair and nails don’t give you beauty, it can Amplify it but it doesn’t give it so Grab a movie facetime your love ones and relax and be glad you were given another age. Signed: Sista Love

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Happy birthday to sista, I prayed you enjoyed your birthday. I don’t think your curse I knoe God is taken his time to crave and design a good man to walk in his footsteps and love you almost as much as God the dather and Jesus his son loves you. Please do not be discourage, God is in control, he is the captain of the ship that will steer you in the right direction, he is the motor in your car that will allow you to shift gears to follow him down the narrow road, he is the wings on the plane that will guard you through the cloud and land you safe, so, if God can do that for you, you know God will path the seas for his daughter who is praising his name daily. Be encourage my sista, be encouage, God bless you.

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