Roll Call- Are Yall Okay?

Hey beauties, I wanted to do a roll call check in with you. How’s your health? Are you stressed?, Are you secure with work? Do you feel isolated or alone? Let me know I want to hear from you all because I’ve realize through this time of being alone you won’t believe the changes that can come amongst you and I want to make sure their positive and your keeping yourself grounded. When your in certain stages of your life you can sometime feel staggered in a certain place and with this social distancing it can make your mind roam more and more about those places in your life. So here I am kinda lol well kinda in the sense that we can talk about it, I want to hear from you (lets make sure keep it respectful) let’s talk about it, need someone to give you judgment free advice? or maybe your trying to build friendship connections which am all for it. Lets do this

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2 replies on “Roll Call- Are Yall Okay?”

Hey!! I’m doing quite well despite the quarantine. I’m learning to use this time of isolation as a time to grow in the areas I need to grow in and also do more reaching out to others. I hope you’re doing well!

Great post!


Hello love sorry for the late reply somehow your comment went to my spam folder, good thing I was being curious looking through there. I’m happy to hear your doing despite the norm we’re use too, I believe this quarantine will bring relationships with family & friends closer as well show you which ones that is not as strong.. Yes I’m doing well as well i’ve been using this time to grow my relationship with god and i’ve also been reading here and there and kinda just chilling out i hope this reply finds you well.

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