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Hello Beauties, so for todays blog post I’m going to dive right in we’re talking about your health and beauty today so i’m going to give you the number one tip that has helped me before the quarantine, during the quaratine and it’s so good and cheap it will continue to help me after so long as I live Praise Ye God (Amen, Amen & Amen). Now this Beauty tip I’m sharing is not new by any means so I take no credit for it, i’m just going to re-introduce you to it.

Water, water, water, & more water. Yes you heard me right, the answer is Water. Now before you wave me off, click off this post and say I know this let me just ask you, yes you know this but do you do it? Now I can hear some of you thinking out loud (Well I could drink more water) or ( I can’t just drink water all day) or (I hate the tasteless taste lol ). Yes I can imagine those thoughts from you, but I’m promising you if you take this tip I gave you, you will see an improvement in your skin & weight.

Let’s start with your skin if your struggling with acne and breakouts the extra boost in water will redefine your skin and refresh it to have it looking all young and glowy. Now you know a proper moderation in your eating habit will have to change as well and if you need help on that I got you but let’s work on one step at a time, because often time people get so overwhelmed with trying to do everything all at once they break and give up. So let me know in the comments and i’ll do a follow up link about the food for you. But back to it this first step I’m asking you to take will cover your weight and skin. Come thru now what other product can promise you that for cheap. No other, so here’s how you do it okay: I know you like your OJ in the morning or Coffee you drink that 1 cup okay thats it. Now the rest of your drink throughout the day needs to be water! yes that means lunch, snack time, dinner and late night hangouts. Don’t believe me try it for 2 months but really put your all into it, and for those of you that needs a little LALALA to your water (lol I just made that up) you can buy the flavor waters or do my favorite mix so here it goes for 16oz of water which is 2 cups I put in some ice not to the top but halfway, then I place in my water. I squeeze 3 1/4 size lemon pieces in the water and then drop the piece in as well. (So for the 3 1/4 size what you do is cut the lemon in half on the long angle and the half piece you get you cut that into 3 even size pieces). Then I take a lime and do the same thing but I often just use 2 1/4 size piece of lime drop that in there as well stir it all up and YUMMMMM. It’s cool, it’s refreshing, it’s flavored, and it honestly taste like a lemonade without all the sugar. So by doing this if you have a hectic work week or you find it hard to exercise by increasing your water intake like this you will find yourself fuller, not needing to snack constantly, your skin will thank you and if you eat good you can get away with working out 3 times a week versus 7 or 5 days a week. Signed Sista love

Now to the person who read this and said what if I don’t like water I have the perfect recommendation THUG IT OUT!!!!!! yes I said it THUG IT OUT again for the person in the back (lol) Seriously give it a try, you can do it.

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