Oily skin, Dry skin both need 1 thing

Hey beauties so I’m back again with another post about your skincare. In my last post I shared my number 1 beauty tip so if you haven’t read it, Go read it now!!!! and drop a like and comment any replies you may have. Also let me just first say I Am not an esthetician nor am I a certified dermatologist, I’m just a Sista who likes to share any helpful tip that has brought me along the way and if it can help you too then I’m happy about it. So please let’s stay positive about skin care because for those of you who haven’t had to deal with skin problems don’t know the pain,agony, discomfort, and just overall dislike you may feel. So please let us be kind and if you have knowledge of products you know help lets share them with each other.

Also let me just say this will work for dry, oily, and combination skin but you have to find a good one. Okay so starting out I have Oily skin, had it for a long time struggled with it, hated, and tried to use makeup to get rid of it. The makeup tip didn’t work let me just say that first because it will still seep through and I would look glossy. And the product i’m going to tell you about when they told me to use it I was thinking that doesn’t make sense to me why would I add extra oil to the problem I’m having, no way. But I came back around to it and I realized I need it, I really do and my skin loves it and guess what? It helps with that oil problem.

So what is it you ask me? okay let’s say it all at once 1.2.3. MOISTURIZER yes its moisturizer your skin needs it and it actually loves it too and it doesn’t matter which of the 3 skin types you have, once you find a good moisturizer it will take your skin to another level. Now this is just me I’ve actually stop using makeup because i want to really focus on my skin care. Now I’ll still do my eyebrows of course and depending on the day a little mascara and lip gloss or lipstick but that’s it I really depend on my moisturizer for that glow I want to see. Now I’m not knocking anyone who wears makeup I’m just telling you what I did to really focus on my skincare and I didn’t want all those different products on until I can get a handle on my skin and what it likes and doesn’t like.

Now let’s get to the product that I’m currently using as my moisturizer (Also know i’m not a brand influencer I receive no rewards for sharing products that I like). I only share what I’ve actually used and if it works for you I’m happy if you don’t like it the whole point is I wanted to introduce this to you and get you on a path of trying to find one you like. So for me it’s the Clinique 72 hour moisture surge it comes in a jar and its light pink in color and i’ve been using it for a number of years and it’s been good to me. Now a friend of mine told me about the Neutrogena hydro boost serum but I haven’t had a chance to try it as yet because I still have a good amount left of my moisturizer and her skin looks great as well. So either way beauties you can start off with those two suggestions or find your own that works the point is I just want you to know your skin needs it even if you have oily skin it might not make sense to you but when you have oily skin like me and you don’t put nothing there your skin actually freaks out and say I must produce more oil but if you wear a moisturizer your skin realizes it and it will produce less oil so just remember a good moisturizer is the 1 thing your dry, oily, or combination skin needs and will thank you for. -Signed: Sista Love

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