We The People!!!

We the People of our Black is beautiful in every shade.

We the People of the sun kissed sun.

We the People of the builders of this nation.

We the People of some of the most intelligent minds.

We the People of descendants of royalty.

We the People of the most essential inventions of the world.

We the People of rhythm

We the People of culture.

We the People of music.

We the People of God’s children of the world too.

We the People of love & unity.

We the People of trendsetters.

We the People of smart individuals.

We the People of go getters.

We the People of creating beautiful art.

We the People of empowerment.

We the People of good food-soul food.

We the People of laughter- heart throbbing, foot stomping, & soul gripping laughter.

We the People of poetry.

We are People of Beautiful Features- from the crown of our heads to the soles of our feet.

We are People of the World.

We are People of life & breath made up of the same tissues & organs as everyone else.

We are People that inside of us Blood flows red.

We are Human Beings with rights & life filled with adventure, joy, travel, generational wealth, love, family, and care. Our Black Lives Matter Everywhere!!! By. Sista Luv @sista2sister

We demand Justice (Always)

We demand Equality ( 24/7 365 days per year decades beyond decades)

We demand Peace ( Living Free)

If you have a problem with the riots itself more than the cause of the riots- then you are apart of the problem. We have kneeled in peaceful protest and still many of you found a problem with that. The late great Malcom X said ” You can’t ever reach a man if you don’t speak his language”. Well in this America the man has done nothing but speak the language of hate & violence. So us protesting & rioting as you guys claim it well lets just say were only Speaking the language that you all speak.

Until we get rid of all of the old white racist senators, congressman, state representatives, president, and other leaders out of power. Then real change can begin by first and foremost Re-Writing the Constitution & removing the ink that clearly determines black lives are worth-less.

Until we start demanding that all lawsuits filed against police officers for brutality, harassment, excessive force, discrimination and the list goes on of the cruelty they endure upon us, that the settlements are paid using their Pension, Retirement, 401k or any other source of lifestyle income instead out of the taxpayers pockets then change will be made.

****Not every Police officer is Bad, but 1 bad Apple spoils the bunch and in their case they have more Bad than good officers. You are just as bad if you stand on the side line and watch a fellow officer hurt, kill, beat, abuse, and demean a fellow human being and not step in to correct him but instead covering up for him and telling lies along with him.*******

It took me awhile to write this post because my heart has been heavy, angry, & broken. I’m so tired of our lives been worth less then others by every other race on this earth. The pain we feel as People is forever lingering inside of us because of the injustices we face because of our skin color and that is NOT RIGHT. We all come into this world the same way and we all leave the same way but you decide to make the length & fulfillment of our lives shorter because of the Hate you give and teach. Nobody own this world but GOD and he is who we all would have to face on judgement day. So I must say to the people of the world that loves everyone as their equal, we need you to keep sharing, spreading, and pouring that love out. Our voices collectively will be heard. We need a change and the world as we know it cannot continue to operate as it is. Spread love, be resilient, and demand change. Our Black Lives Matter Everywhere……

Prayer-2 Corinthians 4:8-9 We are toubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down but not destroyed. We are never abandoned by God.

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You go sista, Black People as awakening one by one, two by two and so on. We are brilliant people and we are going to Stand are grounds for justice. God is on our side, the Lord is in the midst of this fight and We will prevail.

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