***Push Through***

Hello beauties, today’s post is going to be rather short and sweet but I wanted to come in and check on you guys. My mind hasn’t been focus enough to write with everything going on so although my heart is heavy, confused, and just all around in a battle of its own I must use this time to not allow myself to become defeated and give up. So I’m asking that you beauties do the same- don’t give up even when the world looks unbearable to us right now. To hate someone is the easiest feeling there is but to love is hard and when I say it’s hard I don’t mean in the sense of it can’t be done but you have to actually decide to love someone past their views, opinions, and Ideas. Because we are not built the same we will not always share the same thoughts or views but we can work together to find harmony in a new thought or idea that supports everyone.

To my sista’s I know we are all fighting a battle for equality, justice, peace, & respect and often times were on the front lines fighting this everyday of our lives but please I beg you in all of this don’t loose yourself. Don’t lose your mind, heart, and soul because it’s so overwhelming that you eventually shut down. We need you for tomorrow and the days to come after that and I’m not saying to lose grip on what’s right but I just want you to check in from time to time. Check in vent if you need too, check in to spread some love to one another, check in to share thoughts or ideas, check in to build each other up, check in just to have a conversation that will excite and push you towards greatness. Check in for your health, mind, body and soul don’t fight this battle alone let’s check in with each other and make sure were all okay. Lets be open to discuss different avenues- business, health, beauty, supporting each other while still achieving individual goals. By: Sista Luv

Pushing through is required of us in order to grow, evolve, and change to a better version of ourselves. GOD’s love is in us already so even when we may feel discouraged, loss, hopeless and faithless we must push through and dig back in to gather the love GOD has for us and speak to him about your worries, fears, love life, financial life and everything in between. Even in the darkness push through to the light. There is a bible plan called love over fear on the YouVersion bible app read it and even if you fell off of it like I did and had to go back and continue to read it, do it anyway. So I know I said this would be short and sweet lol sorry I got carried away but I figured overall you would appreciate the message.

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