The Wait? !

Hey Beauties, how are you all? I believe it was 2 weeks ago now I published a post call Push Through and if you haven’t checked it out I urge you to go through my archives and give that post a little love and support. I truly believe you will find some amazing encouragement while reading it. So todays post is about the wait…. If you guys don’t know I shared with you in some older post that I was single and cursed? lol I know your thinking what do you mean your cursed lol sis just go back and read my post about Am I Cursed?. But to bring you quickly up to speed I am in the midst of building my relationship with GOD and I’m awaiting his timing to align me with my husband and during the wait I am taking time to work on my self as well and trying to enjoy my singleness during this different kinda world were use too.

So first thing you noticed that I mentioned is I’m working on myself and yes that is a process but what I do know is the person I was back then is not the same as the person I am becoming and I can honestly tell you I would have been Divorced had I marry back then. See once we learn things about ourselves we can honestly choose to work on becoming a better version of ourselves, but you have to want to make those changes and work at it relentlessly. It is not always easy you have days when your spirit feels so drain and everything seems like its never going to happen for you and that time or life is passing you by. Then you have the feeling of being happy and content in your day and have feelings of spiritual renewal and your so excited about your spouse and can’t wait for your promises to come in. Both of those emotions I’ve listed mixed with some other stuff is all apart of the wait.

Now if your like me your in the wait and lets say your doing your readings and your saying your prayers and signing your worship songs and working on improving yourself. What is next? this question I ask you is not to imply you need to do more or make you think your not doing enough, I just honestly want to know from one person in the wait to the next what else can be done to help sooth out times and create fun and hobbies in our lives (assuming that we don’t have any or might be looking for a new one that can help us) I know their are people that don’t have much friends or maybe all of their friends are in a relationship or might not understand them so its hard having someone to talk. We were made for relationships so even when it comes down to our friendships they matter to us so when you don’t have someone to express yourself to it makes your season of wait a little harder. So I want to change that and because I’m building a sisterhood I want to hear from you, drop your comments in the comment box. Signed: Siste Love

So I’m thinking of doing a Part 2 of the wait and I know your like sis we just getting part one and your on to part 2 lol. Yes because I have so much more I want to say about this but I wanted to keep this post kind of short and leave more room for you guys to interact with me and go from their. (Men) if their any men that happens to read this blog I want you to drop your comments and thoughts down for us ladies as well so we can have an open dialogue.

If you like this blog post and want more topics like this feel free to let me know you can get in contact with me by filling out my contact form. Please share, like, comment. and follow me on here and social media FB, IG, Twitter @sista2sister. Need free advice or just someone to talk to feel free to email me directly: thank you for your time and support be safe.

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