What are you pouring?

Hello beauties it is great to be writing this post today. I haven’t published a post in awhile due to me not feeling inspired and feeling like I’m not reaching anyone so why does it matter anyways.. I’m just being honest with you all of my feelings the past few days and I want to make sure when I write I’m writing something I feel good about and that I truly believe will help others and you need inspiration at times to do that. What do you do though when you feel as if you ran out of it? Do you keep protesting to everyone about how uninspired you feel in the moment.. When your in this space it’s often hard sometimes to pull yourself out.. But guess what there is a way to help.

When I asked what are you pouring? I don’t mean in a physical drink aspect, I mean what are you pouring into yourself! See we leave ourselves often last because we are waiting out expecting others to pour into us, that is not right. We must be the first to take time and notice our changes and flaws and mind blocks and we must do more inside talking to pour into the person we want to become. We must see our Father ( Our Heavenly Father) talk with him about what is going wrong.. He already knows of course but this is how you build your relationship with him.. Communication is how you form anything in life that you expect a response back.. We must mind what we watch and listen too.. These things can strongly influence how we operate and where we feel we’re at in life. Too much negativity is not good for us. I truly believe in my personal opinion with our war heroes that the human eyes are not suppose to witness some of the things they did and that’s why of course without proper healing and having someone pour into you some of them are never the same anymore.. Is it an easy task to pick up yourself out of a Rut when you feel down?. No not all the time. But it is a conscious decision that you make within yourself that your not willing to continue you like this anymore, you want to be renewed and you want to change. Fight those thoughts of self doubt, I know their there, heck I have them myself but you must fight it because lord knows the inner conversations I have with myself are not the kind I would be happy to repeat out loud.

I’m going to give you everyday steps of pouring into yourself. With practice it will help ease your mind..But remember when you speak to yourself Pour Love, kindness, determination, will power, truth, beauty, goals, & ambitions. Don’t limit yourself because the world is already trying to dominate you and put you in a box, it is so easy to lose yourself with the wonders of the world. I want you to be extra kind to yourself, you are in a process of healing and things will take time and you may face obstacles and circumstances but please don’t beat up yourself or put yourself down. There is work to do and a task that is assigned just for you and the only way to reach it is to keep challenging yourself and put forth changes that will spark forth the fire you wish to ignite.


  1. Forgive yourself & then Forgive others- don’t allow that hurt to consume you.. if it is hard for you to forgive make it any everyday conversation with God for him to help you work on it.
  2. Pray every night – there will be nights when your like I’m just so tired 😓 I can’t tonight tomorrow night I will.. No stop right there because if you can put off praying with God that is the same attitude you will carry towards your goals and dreams.
  3. Be mindful of what you watch and listen too, with everyone living life like a reality show it is hard not to get sucked in.. But those reality shows does not show anything of good and positivity, I want you to think about this if this was real life like they exclaimed would you keep going out to events and dinner with people who don’t mean you any good? Most likely you wouldn’t so don’t let made up ideas of these shows involve you so much that you start to base your character off of them. Music- if you listen to depressing negative kill kill all day long music it will put you in a depress state of mind all the time..You want to be uplifted, trust me there is enough wrong with the world right now for you to feel down about don’t let shows and music put you there too.
  4. Daily affirmations are great- I know there often a trick to keep up with but you don’t need a long list of spectacular affirmations you just a need a few chosen ones that you can dive into and believe in. Just because it’s a short list of them doesn’t mean it won’t work start off with what you can keep saying then add more to it once you got it down pack. Feel free to check out my list of daily affirmations as well.
  5. What you listen too or Watch when you first get up will set up your day.. You should be listening to motivational speeches that empower and challenge that person in you to crave more.
  6. Thank God for another day of life- Every morning you wake up have a little meeting with God. For me I thank him for a new day of life then I express to him what I would like throughout my day.. Ex. I ask for guidance, protection, wisdom, and to not get angry. These are some of the things I ask for but it varies day by day and your conversation will be different but you just have to establish it.
  7. Find good quality people- You need good people who can help lift you up and remind you of your worth when your down.. If everyone you know is always in drama so you can never speak to them about your concerns and you only speak about theirs then it doesn’t do you any good. You need people who will correct you when your wrong but mostly be there for you when you need it and then you in return have to do the same things you’re expecting.
  8. Find a club or group that supports what you need- there is nothing wrong with counseling or support groups. Everyone needs help differently but the most important thing you do is establish that help you need then pursue it like your last resort.
  9. find a book- reading can be fun, exciting, educational, and uplifting you just have to find a book that excites you.
  10. This one is a multi-step- Read your Bible. My pastor says sometime starting at the beginning is hard for some so he suggested start in the stories of James, Matthew, John or Luke. I’ve stared in Matthew a few times have I stop and start again yes But key word is I started again. Be kind to yourself your thoughts and past will sometime play in your mind now and make you feel like there is no way you can start over but that’s not true. There is a reason things are in the past either there was a lesson you were supposed to learn or a person you were suppose to become.. Just don’t let it attack you anymore.. Make up in your mind and communicate with yourself that you are going to push through any walls you have up and you will do better. Anytime your inner conversations start to drift off to something negative say this out loud (STOP) . I will not allow those those thoughts. Jesus please help me… You will find the thoughts disappear but you have to stop them don’t let them linger.

    Beauties these steps I’m giving you are steps that I am currently doing myself because to pour into yourself is an everyday step by step process and for some people it will feel like an adjustment your not use too but you just have to say I want better for me I want self healing for me and I want to become a better person in this gift of life given to me and I will use it to share light and be happy.. signed sista love

As always thank you guys for reading and the support. Please feel free to share, like, comment, and subscribe to my blog for future reads.If you need Free advice be sure to send me an email and I will get back to you ASAP!!. Forming a friendship club don’t miss out just fill out my contact form to connect with me or you can email me directly at follow me on IG, FB, & Twitter @sista2sister- Be Blessed, Stay safe & Stay in faith.. XOXOXO (Air hugs & Kisses)

2 replies on “What are you pouring?”

Thanks for sharing this it was very helpful 😊. Great tips I really needed those as well 🙏🏾, we have to continue to uplift one another in this season 🙌🏾


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