New Month-New Rules?

Hello Beauties!!!, how have you guys been? I’ve missed you guys and I know I have been away a little minute after my last post but I’ve been working on me as well as a few other things I hope to share with you guys soon. So we are officially in a new month, Thank you God for delivering us this far. I’m happy to have made it thus far and thankful for all of you who are rocking it out with me. Yay so it’s August and were officially in a new set of Rules, I know your probably thinking Sista luv what are you talking about were still battling Covid, were still battling racial equality, were still battling being out of work or worrying about sending our kids back to school vs. virtual schooling.

Granted you are absolutely right, all of these concerns are valid, scary, and just makes us all anxious for the next chapter. Although we deem all of these things to be true, we must focus ourselves on things we can control in order to cope better. So I’ve got some New Rules in this month of August that I’m using to make this month as productive as possible. First let me just throw out there we are not guaranteed tomorrows so this is not going to be plan ahead kind of posting.(Side note: I’m not suggesting don’t prepare ahead, I don’t want you to get lost in future planning and worries that you lose focus of Today). This is a day by day kind of posting, yes we are here today so we are going to plan our days filled with task we can achieve within that day. Sometime when we plan to many activities in one day and we fail to get to them all we beat ourselves up or feel burnt out trying to tackle them all at once.

So here we go Rule # 1. Focus more on your prayer life & building a relationship with God. This month does not need to carry the worries and disappointment of the previous month. Now if that month just happened to be awesome I want you to embrace that but find a pace that still allow you to proceed full speed ahead within this new one. Rule # 2. Focus on yourself and improvements you need. We often have things within us: fear, doubts, regrets, mistakes, anger, & the list can go on… that we are not looking into. We often look for validation of other to fill us and we need to become whole better individuals for ourselves first and then we can join that with someone of the equal caliber. ( Yes they must be of equal caliber, the last thing you want to do is take time out to put in the work on yourself just to join yourself with someone that hasn’t taken the time to do the same. You can’t fix that person only they can and you will burn yourself out attempting).. I’ve underline this in case some of you read over this part lol. Rule # 3. Attempt those dreams and task you’ve always wanted to do ! now is a great time as any to put in the work, & practice, practice practice. Rule # 4 This one blends in some with Rule # 2 but start that workout you’ve been putting off or stopping and starting. I know its hard at times heck I’m doing it right now and sometimes you need to have a partner someone who is pushing you and making sure hold you accountable for You! if you need help or a virtual workout buddy I have a whole page called Start the journey with me! just sign up and you will find informative details on there of what we will be doing. Rule # 5 Stay Far Away from Drama !!!! Oh yes this one is important because when you entertain this one it will knock you off all the work your attempting to do for yourself. This drama includes Family, Friendship, Social media, & Relationship drama. This kind of drama is not only draining and stressful but toxic for your focus of growth within in yourself. Believe me it’s not worth it to solve it because it will consume you, just back away and in prayer release it all to God. Rule # 6 Having some skincare issues? this is your time to really see what works on your skin and find what your skin enjoy. I wrote a post about a few steps you can take you can find that in my archives as well. I will be back soon to do anthor skin care post, I’m just waiting to fully get my results before I do another topic post about it. Rule # 7 Listen, watch, and talk to people that will pour into you and build you up. In return you need to be that person who is also pouring and building up people around you as well. This rule is so important! if you need help or a starting point I’ve wrote a whole post called what are you pouring into !! Check it out now and let me know what you think and if you found it helpful. – Signed Sista Luv

So my beauties I will leave you with these 7 Rules for now because like I spoke about before I don’t want to make these overwhelming and unreachable. These rules are all things you can plan and attack into your day. Please don’t take these rules as me saying you must do this, this and this. (Not by any means I’m trying to refer you back to kids or anything like that). I’ve only given the name Rules because they are so viable for your everyday process I want you to treat them as legit food for your brain, heart & soul. I’m going to leave you with this prayer starter Philippines 4 verse 6 “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Then you will experience God’s peace. which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your heart and minds as you live in Christ Jesus”.

Thank you guys so much for checking in with me and reading my post, I am truly happy to have you along the journey with me. If you are not signed up yet please subscribe and follow along with me as we speak about life, love, relationships, beauty, justice & so much more. So please drop a comment let me know how you are holding up, lets connect. If you need free advice be sure to email me @ Follow me on social media platforms IG, FB, & Twitter @sista2sister. Don’t forget to share, like, follow, & comment once again. I hope to find you well, stay safe, stay blessed, and stay kind to others. XOXOXO

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