Mask Acne? Could it be?

Hello beauties, how are you all holding up?. Make sure leave me a comment below to check in with me. So for today’s post I’m going to jump right in, and let me just tell you guys if your dealing with this as well I’m sorry I know exactly how your feeling. So acne, blemishes, pimples, zits, and so on of the names you may call them are the cost of a lot of insecurities that those who suffer with this feels. Can I just be brutally honest with you guys and share a little of my stressful break down with you. I dealt with acne for a lot of years, I mean all through middle & high school and now in my adult life and it feels like one of those awful scars that will never completely leave me alone. Oh and yes I’ve been told it just a puberty issue and it will faze out later in life. WRONG absolutely and completely WRONG, okay I’m in my adult life dealing with a teenage insecurity and trust me, it doesn’t feel good. Let me just also tell you I thought I’ve gotten to a point where I was released and free from this nightmare, I’ve gotten to a point where my skin was healed and glowing and relieved and I was over the moon, I mean I even dedicated half of a post about it. Check out my previous post, I spoke about some of my skin care problems and a certain recipe that usually helped me.

Now beauties there is another problem that’s been attacking my skin care and at first I was super lost of why the sudden turn in my skin care, I mean ladies I’ve just about freaked out. So me and a friend was talking about certain changes in our skin and how this came about? She mentioned about the face mask irritating our skin and after putting more thought into it, I started to realize she was on to some truths. Later that evening I see a news report about the facial mask giving you acne and then just like that it hit me. This was the cause of my nightmare starting over again and now my frustration has turned into stress which is now adding to my predicament. And before you guys say don’t stress that will only make it worst, it’s hard to stop stressing when your already stressing and one of your insecurities your trying to work on peaks out again to take control over your life. (that was just my little tidbit on me stressing but for real though It’s just hard for me right now)

So for any of you struggling right now with facial acne and if yours is anything like mine it’s only been in my lower cheek areas and jawline which is exactly the area my mask lay for my protection. So of course many of you may be thinking, how can the same item protecting me also be harming my skin? Okay guys here’s my guess on why this is happening. The mask is in constant contact against our skin so its rubbing up against & irritating our skin for us who have sensitive skin. Also it’s no escaping the mask, we wear it to work, grocery shopping, and just out and about running errands living our new normal life it seems. So all while our skin is constantly deciding how to adjust after you take it off and then put it right back on so you can’t really win.

Its not your skin care products fault maybe. Reason why I say maybe is because some of you are running to stores changing your skin care product just for relief and that’s not totally the case. Some of you may not think of your face mask as the problem, you may think it’s your menstrual cycle which we know can act up and take your skin care out of balance. Can it be the food your eating and the drinks your consuming thats adding to this problem, yes that could be so and I’ve discussed with you on previous post how to address those issues. So I want to make this post very clear for some of you out there that’s experiencing some the same issues I’m having and you once did find a relief for your skin care and you haven’t changed your products, diet, and your cycle is still the same, I didn’t expect it to be true but I found out for me the facial mask is causing me to break out again with acne. Do I wash my mask yes I do (because I know that’s a question that some of you may ask) I have sensitive skin so my skin doesn’t respond well to these kind of friction against it.

So here’s the question some of you might be asking? How do I correct this problem? These are my steps I’m suggesting to help with the breakouts.

Step 1.For me if I’ am not working then I try to stay home more so that way I don’t have to wear the mask.

Step 2. When I grocery shop I try my best to shop in bulks so that will be less trips to the grocery store.

Step 3. If possible I try to work all my errands into 1 day so I don’t have to go out as much.

So guys I wish there was more steps I can drop right now on this post to help but with me still learning I don’t want to give you information that I haven’t tried myself. I just want to share some light to someone who may be freaking out trying to figure out why her skin is responding differently in just those areas. The main thing is you want to keep the mask off as much as possible. This is not me telling you not to be safe or don’t wear it anymore because of these things going on. Continue to wear your mask protect others and yourself when your out and about or over friends and family houses. Not wearing your mask is for when your home in your spot with only the people who live there with you every day. By the way I’m testing out a few products so I will be back to let you guys know how that’s coming along and my results. Signed: Sista Luv

Please if you found this post helpful, please like, comment, follow and share. If you are dealing with this issue and found a solution or just need someone to talk to about it, leave a reply on this post or email me directly- need other free advice just hit me up on that email. You can follow me on social media platforms FB, IG, & Twitter. Thank you guys for reading, be sure to check in and let me know how your holding up. I appreciate you all, please stay safe, stay well and be blessed. XOXXOXO

By (Sista Love)

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