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Hello Beauties, how are you doing? let me know in the comments or you can email me directly at, I give FREE judgement free advice there as well, so whenever you need a listening ear or just a check in buddy feel free to reach out. Through my bible plans I’m reading I’m learning that doing community with others is essential to us building, learning, and doing life better together. So without further wait let’s jump in today’s post which I’ve title start the journey with me!. If you guys never got a chance to check out my other pages besides my post then (Please do check out my other pages) . So I’m not even going to lie before this COVID-19 stay at home Quarantine I wasn’t where I wanted to be physically, mentally, or even spiritually, and I know for some of you, you may have started off your new year of 2020 ready to rock it doing your workouts, eating better and just getting your focus on and then BOOM! the pandemic happened and we did life very different. In order to comfort this change some of us may have sinked back into the comfort we so desperately needed and you know with that means,comfort food. Let me just tell you as well if you fell into the comfort of food or felt like you lost a little of your drive and focus its nothing wrong with that, because we’re about to get it back! and if you were simply like me and didn’t have it before all of this we’re about to start!

In the journey were starting its dedicated to starting or getting back that confidence, creating a new you that you are happy and pleased with. Fall in love with your body, mind, and strength, this is not just a typical let’s workout together and lose weight. Were making this more than that, In this journey we will discuss Food- I will be sending recipe ideas and how to videos on making them with me. We will do workouts together and hold each other accountable to keep striving and pushing until we’ve reached our individual desired weight goal. (Remember don’t always look at what the weight numbers says you should be for your height) your body type may not suit those numbers it says you should be. Most importantly we will be building a community and checking in with each other, we will discuss our mental state which let me just say is so important you can want to do do something but if you haven’t made up your mind and keep telling yourself I’m doing this then you will either slag or do it in a some timey fashion.

Best part guys this is absolutely FREE, this journey I’ve already started and will be practicing myself, but like I explained earlier were building a community together and I know some of you are looking for partnership someone to push you and hold you accountable. So if you go to my homepage or the page i have titled Start the journey with me! you will find a name and email box to fill out, I will be using that information to register you in the Groupme app which is what well use to discuss everything and send in the recipes and workout videos. I will follow up with you via email on getting started, so please make sure you use a valid email you check daily because I don’t want you to miss out. This will be exciting and new for me at the same time so I can’t wait to see you on the other end and I pray you come with an open personality and attitude, a I can do this mindset and just an all around I’ve got this and I’m going to rock this spirit.

Remember lovelys are start goal and end goal will all look a little different from each other so don’t compare yourself with anyone else progress. We will focus on are individual progress as well as respectfully and nicely pushing on our sisters with their own. In this community were about to build I only ask that we respect ourselves and others, Respect each other privacy by keeping discussions, pictures of our pursuit and progress, and all conversations and pictures we share with each other in the group only and NOT ON social media or with your separate friend/family members. Speak positivity to all and be nice, no judgement allowed or putting down of someone else. In other words practice the treat others better than you expect to be treated. ( Thank you guys). Let’s rock this journey we got this! Signed- Sista Luv

If you haven’t done so already please like, comment, share, and follow this site. Connect with me just go to my connect with me page and fill out the contact form and watch the magic of our friendships happen. Follow me on social media platforms IG, FB,& Twitter, to keep connected with me. Thank you guys once again for rocking out with me, I sincerely want to know how your holding up so drop a comment here and let me know. You can email me directly at and my fellow beauties be safe, be blessed, and wear your masks. (protect others and yourself). XOXOXOXXO

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Hey Sista, how are you doing? I am ready and geared up to take this journey with you and all of the lovely sistas out there who is ready to kick start the rest of this year into a new you. We are all here with you sista to help motivate each other in a positive way. I am sick and tired of just sittkng around and waiting for this pandemic to be over so I can go on with my life. So I made a big decision a few days go, and seejng that this might be around a little longer tgan we all hoped for, I feel like this is a good opportunity for me to start, I do not Want to be a Couch Potato, and I do not want to start getting depressed, I started eating healthier so here I go. I am go to bring in the new year with the old me in a new light. Thank you so much Sista, your blogs helps me a lot and I look forward to read each one, it keeps me motivated, especially in hard times like this, keep up the good work God bless you.

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