Dating in the unknown?

Hello beauties! how are you? to my followers thank you for the journey and support. To any new readers I’m happy you found my page I hope you find it embracing and I ask for you to follow along as well as we journey together. So to anyone reading this right now I don’t know you status if your married, engaged, have a boyfriend or girlfriend, single or single and dating but whichever one you fit in embrace it and don’t settle if it’s not what you want it to be. So my status as some of you may know is (SINGLE) lol, and I’m just plain old regular old single. I’m not dating anyone or talking to anyone its pretty blank over here and before you ask girl but you seem like such a great catch whats the reason? (let me just say thank you I know lol) I’m kidding, but feel free to go check out some of my older post I explained it all in there. You can start with Single & Happily Married, but now I’m just going to jump in into today post and its about Dating!. I’m about to do something totally different with this post I received a suggestion from a friend when I spoke about this topic and this is going to be a ……wait for it… dun ta daahhh (lol) Q & A kind of post. First time trying this so guys feel free to help me out here I’ll ask some questions you can give some answers and you can ask some questions and I’ll give some answers. Don’t be shy this is a safe place and no judgement, so here we go first question coming up I’m about to change the format, answer all or as many as you like.

  • What is your relationship status? and has there been any changes during the pandemic?


  • If you are dating anyone did you decide to date exclusively if you were dating more than one person since this pandemic? Also has the thought of openly dating frighten you during this season?


If you are single have you signed up for any dating apps or been tempted to sign up for one?


Married couples, how has the dynamic in your house been since the pandemic? do you feel that it made you closer or has it been too much and no space?


My boyfriends/girlfriends has any changes been spoken about with taking the next step of marriage? or has it placed you in a place where you felt you had to reevaluate this person?


My singles have you ever tried dating virtually? Facetime or Zoom, how did it go? how did you meet? and how many virtual dates have you been on?


If you have dated virtually with someone, have you met them in person? Where did you meet? How was the feeling did it match up with your virtual chats?


If your not dating at all would you like to share where’s your head space? Is there any anxiousness, or worry some feeling where you just don’t feel comfortable right now?


Meeting someone out and about but they got there mask on, can you really be attracted to them without seeing them totally? Were you talking to anybody and saw them without the mask and was turned off? Did the mask add a mystery attraction? or does everyone look a like now in a weird sense?


Whew there is so many questions I have to ask you guys that I want to hear about from you! This can be a real conversation starter if we all participate in it. Sidebar guys this post is not to make anyone feel in different about their journey if dating, single, or married. In these changing times I want us to be able to openly engage and table this conversation, you never know someone may say something that defines what your going through and you can know your not alone. Let’s build a community of individuals who can speak to each other with positivity and even if we don’t agree 100% to still be kind with each other. signed : Sista Luv

So my friends please if your enjoying these post and would like to connect with me or want to ask some sound free judgement free advice just go to my page title friendship club and fill out the contact form with your message and watch the magic happen. Please don’t forget to follow this blog if your not already and share, comment- (I want to hear from you) and give this page some love (press the like button). You can email me directly at, don’t be shy I will respond to your message. As always be safe, be blessed, & wear you mask please! XOXOXOXO

Depending how you guys are feeling this post I will do a follow up post where we can dive deeper into the dialogue- so make sure if you have answers you can provide to the questions- answer them and leave in the comment section any question you have so I can answer you or a fellow friend. I’m excited guys lets do this!!!

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