Which Girlfriend Are You?

Hello beauties, I hope all is well and your in good mind, heart, and spirit- (If you ask in return about mine, well lets just say that’s a whole other topic for the next post! Yes I need that much writing room). Today post is going to be quite different and new- I’m dedicating this post to one of the hit TV shows from back in the day, that thank you and shout out to Netflix for resurfacing a Classic. The hit TV show back then and now for me **** Girlfriends**** (Insert applause and whistle) LOL! Guys let me just tell you I started watching this show again and I’ve been in devout laughter and in aweee because although this show is older in years wise, the issues presented are still so present and in full effect that it’s hard to believe this show ended 12-13 years ago. Here you have 4 beautiful women all with such different backgrounds and upbringings melting together in this Pot of sisterhood. Was there some testy times- Hell yes- Some times where you would reevaluate the friendships- YES- but they were able to individually recognize their wrongs and fight through the damages to repair their friendships and that is all so inspiring. Calling each other out on their wrong doings, taking trips, giving advice, and sharing bonding moments together, and just the laughter you feel watching these characters and their love lives is the highlight of what a growing sisterhood can really do. This show is really one of those classics that never gets old.

Now lets get into the JUICY parts the Love stories/interest- Here it comes to the Which girlfriend are you question? Are You a LYNN: Are you more on the wild/adventurous side ? Do you live in the moment and just enjoy whichever interest come along? Are you comfortable with the no strings attached for sex approach or have a wild sexual pass and really just want to fall in love with one person but can’t express it?

MYA: Married your high school sweetheart and may have a child together and although you guys got married so young, your still a success story with how you been holding it down for so long with a child? Do you feel drifted apart since you’ve been married so long so young that your looking for something else outside your home?

TONI: Or should I say Toni Childs: such a cute ring of the name I might add. Are you looking for a man with great financial assets who doesn’t have kids with a nice car and home who is willing to spoil you senseless? Does the finer things in life every time excite you and by this standard is how you choose your men. But one of your first true love’s wasn’t rich and you ended up taking care of him which didn’t matter because you were in love. You choose men by the wrong standards & outward appearances which is not all to look for ?

JOAN: A hopeless romantic wants to be married and in love- has a 3 month sex rule before giving out any. Wants to be married and in love but kinda picks the wrong men, jump in and out of relationships to soon and puts to much pressure on the relationship early on that it backfires. Has to have a man fall in love with you and say it first by certain time frame or your ready to dismiss the whole thing?

Now beauties if you haven’t watched this show before or didn’t play any of the reruns I ask that you check it out and then come back here on ya girl’s post and tell me which girlfriend do you think you would be more closer to? or are you mixed? mixed as in a little bit of this girlfriend with a whole lot of this girlfriend lol! Don’t be shy – this is a safe space and a bonding moment. I can’t wait to hear back from you, oh by the way I know your probably wondering you didn’t tell us which one are you! Well this post is based on their characters up to season 3 and this show went to 8 seasons so since I usually start first this time I want to hear from you first!- Also if you don’t think your personality matches any of these ladies, let’s pretend you had to choose one for an upcoming role which one would you lean towards too. Signed: Sista Luv

Of course please share, like, follow, and comment. I appreciate the support of you reading and sharing my writing with others. If you need any advice- feel free to contact me by going on my page where it says friendship club and drop me a message below or you can email me directly at Stay blessed, Stay safe, & Wear your masks- Protect others and yourself- XOXOXO-

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