Throwback Dates

Hello beauties, I pray all is well in your individual lives and your keeping afloat. Based off recent views on a post I did called (Dating In The Unknown) and a good conversation with a friend of mine recently I got this idea to talk about what’s a good date?. As he and I discussed the woes of dating back then versus now we came to a couple conclusions and one of them being that things are so different. Now before you hit me with that the DUH things are different it’s a pandemic out, did you not know COVID happened and we were on lock down forever!!!. (Lol) that’s my dramatic impression of some people, because they really be sounding like that. Any how I’m talking about before the COVID happened. I’m talking about those dates that social media didn’t know the whole detail of it beginning to end. What did you do? or better yet where did you go when you got ready to go on a date.

I’m about to throw it back a little and in the comments feel free to insert some dating places you’ve been or activities you’ve done so we can keep this conversation rolling. Here we go ****

The Movie theater: Okay this place is a classic, I’ve been here on couple dates and I know of a lot of people who have been here as well on their first date. I love movies and watching some good heart throbbing, action packed, comedy movies, – but for me personally now I don’t think it’s a great first date. (Don’t punish me lol) I’ve come to realize that when it comes to sitting face to face holding a conversation getting to know someone you can’t do that with the movies being your first spot. It’s a great 3rd date posible 2nd depends on how good the 1’st one went.

Boomers: Yoo classic spot- I’m talking about some yearsss back classic boomers was the place to be on a 1st date. It was interactive so you had a variety of games and activities you could of done all while getting to know each other. The atmosphere made it light hearted to engage without overthinking the date. I will add Dave & Busters in there as well.

Putt Putt Golf: Now this was also very fun besides who doesn’t like a little competition follow up with some friendly trash talk of defeating their opponent. This allowed you to express your fun competitive side a little while giving you options to answer questions or make playful wagers of questions or dares you want them to answer. Now they have Top Golf it’s not quite the same but its still fun and you can accomplish the same competitive banter.

Bowling: If you haven’t went bowling on a date yet I need you to make it your next destination. It’s a classic, it’s fun, and once again it keep things light hearted and give you an opportunity to talk- They have made some bowling alleys so inclusive that you can have a private bowling room with music videos playing on the screen- It’s pretty cool.

Out to a Bar: Now let me just clarify out to a bar ordering appetizers and drinks is different than out to eat. Yes I said it! Bar- apps & drinks is it might be a little loud and you didn’t get the opportunity to have a phone conversation so you want to keep it light and easy enough that if you like how its going you’ll order more or you will bounce after the first appetizer lol.

These throwback dates is all I’m going to give you for now, I would love to see what you guys think and if there’s any you can add in. So feel free to drop a comment down below let’s discuss this. Also feel free to let me know of any material you would like for me to write about next- For me this is a safe space to express my thoughts and it also a safe space for you as well, I want you guys to know I really take pride in what I’m going to write for you guys to read and hope the content you’ve been getting is fun, positive, inspiring, entertaining, informative, and welcoming.

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