The Doors are Open

Hello beautiful people happy blessed Sunday I wanted to share some church with you all. This series from my church (Church by the Glades) called the Doors are Open has been so good. If your having a hard time with your purpose and or just understanding how a relationship with God can work I challenge you to explore this series and just listen to it. Click the link Above!!!!!

I know some days are rough and hard and you may feel like you have no one in your corner but that’s not true! You need to more than ever push back those self doubts and hold on to your faith. In this world it will not be easy and I won’t tell you that I have it all down- that’s not close to the truth right now for my life. But I will continue believing continue to read his word, continue to work on my faith and grow my relationship with God. It’s never to late! All you need to do is speak with him.

When it comes to your purpose, I mean your God given purpose if you have it figured out that is so awesome and I ask that in prayer if you can reveal any encouraging tips to us that helped you along. Drop a comment below- I appreciate your show of love and support.

But if you don’t have your purpose yet and your still waiting to receive it that’s okay! It will come! Know it, believe it, have faith in it. Often times in this world we let the images and successes of other people in our age bracket or younger make us feel like we hit rock bottom. Were not doing enough or we weren’t good enough or everything happens to everyone but you. That’s not true!!! What is for someone else will be for them and what is for you will be for you and the rout they took it’s not always the rout God wants you on. We have to learn to be fine with that! The old saying all that glitters isn’t gold!!! is still very true. What the eyes see is not always depictive of what is really true..

I can only ask that you continue to wait, continue to pray if you need help in doing this reach out to God first and express this and if you would like reach out to me as well feel free to do that.. Sometimes you need to be in this together with someone, not because your not strong enough or you can’t figure it out but where 2 or 3 are gathered he is in the midst.. It takes a village, make your village with people who are spiritual warriors and fighters like you who pushes your potential and you push their potential and it’s not about spot light but about God’sLight!!! Like pastor David said we don’t have to have the same things in common or like doing all of the same things but we can still be of great friends because are spiritual relationship in God is where it’s suppose to be…

Thank you everyone stay safe, stay blessed feel free to comment, share, & like this post!xoxoxoxo

By (Sista Love)

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