80’s/90’s Music Ruined Me

Hey beauties, I know you see the headline and I just want to say it’s the absolute truth. I have been ruined, bamboozled, lied too, and downright left for musical revival based on an Era of music. How can something so influential come and go in such a short notice without any warning? Please if you think I’m just going about ranting you don’t understand, (see in a moment I’m about to break this whole experience down and attach some evidence to my claim.) Let’s switch gears for a second and step into part of my evidence claims. I Love to read & write (hence why I share my thoughts with you guys whenever I get a chance) but for me when I’m reading a juicy book- (Yes books are juicy, stay with me people) the best parts of the book is the imagination of the characters that’s playing out in your mind as you read. That story line – when the handsome but rugged gentlemen steps closer & closes in the space between him and the sultry seductive beauty before him and gazes so intently down in her beautiful eyes with his lips merely inches away from the passion, he knew awaits him. (Okay Boom, I just made that part up from the top of my head, but I know you imagined a vision in your mind how that looked like. Heck you probably were getting into and now your mad I didn’t finish it) lol don’t be mad I just needed to get your juices flowing as I build up my case for you!

So, for me whether I’m reading or writing I’m thinking of the motions and actions of the individuals in that moment and then I compare it. Before you ask, I don’t compare against my life, but I compare with the feelings and emotions it makes me feel. Perfect example you ever heard a throwback jam and can automatically remember the act of which you were doing when you heard that song. (Yes, yes, I’m drawing some of you in closer – & you’re going to love this and half of you may agree) So I won’t drag it along anymore I’m going to come out with it and let the statement speak for itself. 80’s & 90’s R&B love music has completely ruined me. That music there see that just didn’t speak to my imagination, but it attached itself to my soul. OH NO you don’t understand the way those men and women sang those thought provoking, warm tender feeling, can’t wait love making, tender touches, speechless kisses music… Whew, can you see my dilemma? Now I’m out here thinking uh uh he doesn’t make feel like that song did, see he isn’t setting up the mood right, he not practicing that candlelight- help make the mood right- So no ugh ugh NEXT. LOL! Blame the music!

I’m about to hit you with the difference, the music back then had mystery to it- oh we all know what they were talking about, but it was the smoothness and the soothing alluring temptation of come over and find out that thrilled you. Wording in any song matters- the wording of a lyric will either entice your imagination or kill it because there’s nothing to imagine. Here we go example Jodeci- Freaking you now imagine if this R&B song was like today where everything so raw and open its like oh okay I see Ya’ll don’t believe in foreplay – Y’all the lets just get to it type (Oops I’ve said enough after that one lol) Compare that to a song by Tank- When we F***- Nothing alluring for me the whole act is already wrapped up and finished. NOW NOW let me just say it’s nothing personal against Tank I like some of his other music but for me it was just all too much! Wording matters and screaming freaking you is much more sensual than the other word. (This is my opinion).

So, game changer right now I’m about to put up a girl’s anthem song if you don’t know!! man, you better go listen to this on repeat because anybody from 26- 40’s can hear just the first part and belch out the whole chorus and lyrics like an organized choir. Oh, you think I’m lying Say no more I’m dropping 2 in here if you sing before you even play the song, comment right now that you’ve been ruined too- we need a support group for this. LOL to anyone reading that’s new to my page I mean ruin in an honored way- (I wouldn’t change my experience or listening to them for nothing!!) -Signed: Sista Luv

Bet you can’t help yourself for singing this before you play it!!

I’m about to switch it up on this one and drop this man right here with this song. Whew

This one right here!

Whew I have so many more maybe one post we can compare music list and I can find out which were some of your downright favorites. I hope you guys enjoyed this post please follow, subscribe, share, like, and comment. I love hearing from you guys so drop your comments below tell me what you think. If you’re ready to embark on our friendship, feel free to contact me by going to my friendship club and contact me there. Do you need some anonymous free advice? you can contact me directly at Follow me on social media IG, FB, Twitter @sista2sister. As always guys be safe, be blessed, & lots of kisses and hugs XOXOXOXO.

By (Sista Love)

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