My Progress + New Food Videos

Hello Beauties, today post is going to be rather shorter than usual (unless you’ve been loving the content, then I can speak to you for hours lol). I just wanted to do a quick check in with you find out how are you? Anything new? don’t be shy this is a safe haven and I ask all my subscribers and visitors to keep that in mind so we can all have an open conversation that sheds new light with each other.

My progress update I’ve been working out between 6-7 days a week and it’s been a mixture of I GOT THIS! with a splash of SKIP TODAY I CAN JUST WORKOUT ANOTHER DAY! lol, it really do be like that for me sometimes and it’s a Mental focus that you must have to keep your attention and will power up. Don’t get distracted, Don’t give up, Don’t cave in. You Got This!!- The only person that can change your journey is YOU- as much as I want it for you! it won’t happen until you really want it for YOU!. So what you fell off, so what you lost focus, so what you gain it all back and more- That doesn’t matter, you can get back up, you can start over, you can lose it all plus gain the muscles in the area you wanted. It’s not to late!!!, Comment your favorite workout music! Let’s rock this

I have some New Food videos I would like to share with you from My Start The Journey With Me page. These are all easy healthier alternative recipes, thats kids approved, and sure to be delicious. In these videos I’m showing you step by step how to make these food at home and best part its budget friendly. I will be adding this option on my top page tab so it will be located by the header tabs like HOME. On that page you can download this content for just $5. I can’t wait to introduce it to you guys, I hope you like it and if you have any comments or suggestions you would like to share with me feel free to leave a comment below.- Signed: Sista Luv

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By (Sista Love)

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