Skincare Update + or – ?

Hello Beauties, how are you?, Its technically been a good minute since my last post but for this new post topic I wanted to make sure I seen results before sharing the good news. So todays post is going to be about one of my favorite topics and if you haven’t guest it from the title its about Skin-Care!! I’ve spoken about my skin care glory and defeat within these last several months and how it took a toll on me physically, mentally, heck even spiritually. So if you haven’t checked out any of those post I’m gonna need you to stop right here! Yes I mean it stop right here mid-sentence and go check out 2 post I’ve made, Oily/Dry skin both need this one thing and Mask Acne, Could it be?. Those two post will explain and bring you up to date about my skin care journey and how that journey may be helpful in your journey as well.

First and foremost I’m going to say these results are based off 1 month of day and night usage with the products. Secondly is my skin back to its formal glory- No its not, but I can see the progress and I truly believe if I stay on this path better results will follow. P.S for anyone reading this like me these things take time. Ugh, I know I hate it too, trust me when I use something I honestly expect a magical 1 day fix. I’m wired like this and I often drive myself mad ready to give up on the product that it didn’t work overnight and that’s not fair to me or the product. Whew I felt like theirs going to be someone reading this that is like me and although its hard I’m here to tell you- we have to wait and be patient and don’t stress and give it a couple of months. (LOL I know exactly how to talk to my people of expectationers- Yes I’ve made that word up, if you get it then it was for you!) Third- I do want to point out the products that I’ve used for my earlier results are not available to me so that’s why of course when I got blind sided by the reason I was breaking out again, I went into panic mode trying other products until I found this one. Let me say that although I’m hoping and praying for clear skin I know that I may or may not have to tweak my skincare products based off weather conditions and what it is my skin is saying it needs more of or less of in this moment. Although I’m not a skin guru, I’ve been on both sides of the skin battle/victory and weather conditions, food, drinks, and the most important deadliest one-(STRESS) plays a role in your skin care changes. Stress in itself needs it own post, and the more you do of it with your skin the more your skin drives you crazy because of it.

Now I’m going to feature a picture of the products that I’ve been using and in depth details on how I use these products. Please know that I haven’t received any discounts or sponsorship or any freebies for telling you guys about these products. I’ve spent my own hard earned money on these products and transparency is really important because I want to be able to help someone out there who may be having the same skin problems as me and are tired buying products that so far hasn’t helped. I Cannot guarantee you will achieve the same results as me, but my guess is if you are still reading this your willing to give it a try, and my motto is, its either going to work or it wont but give it some time and who knows you might be over the moon about it. (Please note if ever in the future that I receive a product, it will only be featured if I use it and I truly feel like its a great product and that it may help others). Here we go: *******

First up the Biore ( Blue Agave + Baking Soda) -Purchased at Target- I use this 2-3x a day Morning and Night and sometimes a mid day wash. Next is 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Gel ( This is the target brand Up & Up) Now on the back it says it can be used up to 3 times per day. (In the beginning I’ve used it 2x a day) It helped out with drying out the acne bumps, which was good! but be careful it is strong so I did end up scaling back to just 1 time at night, because it was overly drying my face and I have oily sensitive skin so the change of 1 time at night is better for me. Next is the Peter Thomas Roth ( Firm Peeling Gel)- Purchased at Sephora- I use this as my exfoliator and it will rub off the dead skin right at your finger tips! it truly works I use this 3x a week like it says So my routine is Monday-Wednesday-Friday. Next is the rose hibiscus water- Now let me just say this I’ve added later in my routine but I like it so far its a refreshing face and body mist- I use this 2x a day Morning and Night. Purchased from Macys- Backstage- (I’ve had this particular Rose Water Mist for a long time and never really used it consistently until now) So far I like it. Last but not least is my Moisturizer. (It not pictured because feel free to use the moisturizer of your choice) If you would like to use the one I do its the Clinque (72hour Moisture surge gel) Purchased at Macys- Clinque station. -Signed Sista Luv

If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment at the bottom of this post I’ll be sure to answer the best way I can. If you’ve used any of these products or using them now Let me know how has it or how is it working for you?. Also if you’ve enjoyed this post please like, share, subscribe, and comment. Subscribe Now to join the journey with me! Follow me on IG, FB, & Twitter @sista2sister. Happy reading, thank you for rocking out with me stay safe and blessed XOXOXO…

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