December? Don’t be fooled!

Hello beauties, I’m back at it again and first let me ask how was your Thanksgiving holiday? I know this year may of been different with the lack of family being by your side or maybe you guys did it big with friends and family over, we can only hope that you all stay safe and distance as possible. For me it was very small only the individuals that lived in my house. Before you ask yes your girl throwed down in the kitchen and served up a bomb meal made for leftover heaven. (Lol) now it’s time to reel yourself back in and I know for some of you it might be hard. Now I know around this time were such in a festive comfort mood and we may tend to loose focus for a month! But I’m here to reel you back in and get you back focus on sticking with you workout you’ve been doing and sticking with your healing you’ve been doing. Don’t let the glitz and gold and comfort of this season make you feel like, aww well I’ll just start back up for the new years, granted you can but Why stop? you’ve came this far lets keep going.

Okay so you’ve had a huge helping of thanksgiving dinner and between the pumpkin or sweet potato pie you made best friends with it. That’s perfectly okay, because that was then and this is now and now its time to shake it off and get back to those workouts. Yes your probably busier now, yes you feel to cozy and comfortable to complete that work out, yes your wishing this miracle body drops on you for Christmas, lol I wish that a lot. These things are true and will remain true all your life, but what will change is how you prioritize your time, how you get yourself in the mindset of working out and how you make that wish a reality. I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again You’ve Got This!. (Period)

Do not! and I repeat Do not! allow yourself to feel awful if your not able to get every presents on your family list or if your even able to get them a gift at all this year. This is so crucial around this time because automatically we go into shopper mode, and we out due ourselves with festivities and gifts and people pleasing that we leave out 2 very important people God & ourselves. This is not the time to keep up with every latest gadget, phone or gaming system. Do not force what you don’t have and do not drive yourself crazy because YOU CAN’T AFFORD THE GIFT THEY HAVE IN MIND. If we learn anything from this year we must learn its not about those things. Its about God, Health, Protection, Good People, Good Friends, and Good Family. Now if this doesn’t apply to you at all with the finances, great you do as you see best! but for my other readers who our finances are not how its been in the past, just keep focus that your still here with breath and health because once your still here means there’s growth for things to change.

So beautiful people this is just my New Month Motivational Tidd-bit that I want to encourage you with. I hope your day to day life finds you well and if needed you find yourself in a place of self healing and continued motivational work. There is drive, focus, discovery, triumph, resilience, and a all around Keep going spirit that’s in you! Tap into it and hone in on it, you’ve so got this. I love it! Signed: Sista Luv

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