The Age Stop Watch!

Hello Beauties, How are you?. We are right now in the month of December and although this year has been very hard, different then the norm, and overly exhausting with everything going on from what I would like to describe is a war on humanity. (P.S My description of the war on humanity is a separate topic I’ll describe at a later time). We must overcome “another tale as old as time”. This tale can be overwhelming and surprisingly exciting for some people it just depends on who you are as an individual. Either way I want you to know as long as you have breath in your body, your life doesn’t completely stop or loose interest because your timing is different then what was expected.

The Age Stop Watch! an age defying time frame that many people including myself believe to be so true! To the followers I have unfortunately I do not know of your ages or background but I would like to, so please if you feel comfortable drop it below in the comments. So how do we break this mental time clock that is written in society and followed by the world?. First lets describe this timed watch and how it is used to keep us in a loop whole of mental insecurities, let down, not feeling good enough, unsuccessful, and drained. Let me also say there is nothing wrong with having 5-10-15-20 year goal plans, that is completely healthy to want to see your self in a different circumstance by certain time periods and actively work towards it.

I came here to tell myself and someone else that your life doesn’t stop in your 20’s or your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and so on. We let the world place us in this rat race that if we didn’t accomplish this exact goal by 25 we are behind!. That simply is not true! (Now if you out here crushing it with your own goal radar, that is wonderful and I’m excited for you) But that doesn’t mean the person who did it in their 40’s are not as great because we each have our own different timing handpicked and perfectly selected by God. So you didn’t find true love and married with kids by your 30! So are we going to act like your life is over because you found it at 40 instead?. They’ve put a Age stop watch on us that have been embedded so deeply in our mind that we often find anyone living out of the timeline were told to be Weird or slacking off their whole life.

So the million dollar question how do we break it? Although I am not qualify to give the 100% correct answer I will give you my intake on what can help change things for you. 3 steps, 2 will be reiterated because its that deep. 1st step: Trust God. 2nd step: Trust God. 3rd step actively plan and work towards certain goals and while working towards them try not to get overwhelm and speak to God to make sure they’re aligning with the plans he has set for you. Is it always easy to do this? No, not when were constantly told we accomplish these things by ourselves! Could it be this easy? Yes, we just have to keep reminding ourselves were not in it alone.

Guys If you don’t take anything from my post, this is just a reminder as were in this month and a new year is quickly approaching, and your still breathing keep fighting, keep soaring, keep reaching for those goals. That age standard they put out there look away from it and actively work on what you want to accomplish with HIM. (HIM=GOD). Signed: Sista Luv

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By (Sista Love)

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