Tis the Season (Tips Edition)

Hello beauties, how are you?. I hope your all holding up well and if you need some motivational pick me up’s for this month, stop what your doing and go check out my two previous post December, don’t be fooled and the Age stop watch. Those two post I’ve packed some season motivational things we can all use more of. First I also want to say thank you to all of my followers and readers of my blog, we’ve came a long way and with God’s will we have much more of life’s journey to go. So if your kind of reading a few post here and there, not to sure yet if your ready to join the journey – think about it this way- we’ll have so much more fun when you tag along.

Tis the season to be folly? -wait no, folly would mean lack of good sense or foolishness. Are any of you in a season of folly? Okay sometimes you need someone to point it out to you, I got you! Lets see are you literally spending way to much and not saving enough? Don’t be folly! Here’s a few gift Ideas you can get for your family this year. So don’t overwhelm yourself trying to buy each family member a gift if you don’t have it like that! This year encourage your family to play Secret Santa and place everyone name in a bag and each person draw a name-this way your responsible for one gift only!. Gift ideas for kids- with a $20 investment start a custodial stock account for them- investing in your kids future is the gift that keeps on giving! (Stock Market can be up and down that’s just how life works but they’re are great investment that with time and patience and a little reoccurring deposits can yield a profit that helps start them off on the right track!

Are you still in that abusive relationship? Physically or mentally its still abuse. Don’t be folly! stop hanging on to that girl or guy because you’ve already put years into it! (Every time I hear someone say I’ve put so much years into him/her) I want to scream- yet you don’t trust them, they’re constantly cheating or speaking about changing and haven’t done so yet. They’re mean to you, you don’t feel supported, your constantly arguing over petty things and the list goes on. Please I urge you stop being FOLLY! The only thing worst then the amount of years or months you put into these relationships is spending one more month or year in that same kind of relationship. Don’t matter what they tell you there is better out there for you (not perfect because no one is, but better).

Falling under that winter time blues? no family is near or no friends to talk too? I know these time may be hard and those that you love may be far away but I want you to keep going and focus your mind on things that enlighten you. If you need steps on how you can get this done check out my post called What are you pouring- I’ve listed steps in there that are great pick me uppers. Start a bible plan this Christmas season and allow the Joy of God’s words and Jesus arrival fill your hearts. Signed- Sista Luv

Please don’t forget to comment, subscribe, like, and share -join the fun here as we talk about life, love, adventures, tips, and so much more! Keep faith, Keep going, Keep pushing and that situation in your life will work out for the best. Do you need to hear from me personally? reach out and receive anonymous free advice, just go to the tab labeled friendship club and contact me. Follow me on social media IG, Twitter, FB @sista2sister. Stay safe, stay blessed XOXOXOXO-lots of hugs & kisses. Happy Reading

By (Sista Love)

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