Merry Christmas All

A time for family, a time for gathering among friends, a time for love, a time for gifts, a time to experience the extra joy Christmas brings us. Most important part before anything else is a time for us to sing praises to the King, the Birthday Boy Jesus Christ our Lord & Savior. Hello beautiful people, I switched up our intro a bit but I must say Merry Christmas to all of you all over the world. It’s an honor if you took time out of your schedule on Christmas to read this post, may you experience renewal of your spirit and mind and all blessings starts to or keeps align in your season. Happy Birthday to our Lord Jesus Christ in this time may we focus more on you and understand that you are the reason for the season. Everything else is an addition to what your love has done for us.

Christmas morning this year can bring so many different feelings out of us and to say this year has been difficult is an under statement. We’ve all experience something different, and let me just say to anyone that has lost a loved one this year (My Sincerest Condolences to you and your family). May the lord comfort and guide you in this time of grief. Some of you may have lost a job, a friendship, a sense of yourself, or a relationship and for some reason around this time it always seems a little harder to cope with it but as hard as it may be trust the process and if you can mend some of those things don’t be prideful just mend it.

Do you have any Christmas traditions? like some people have fun games they play, or they all gather and drink eggnog, string up popcorn for the Christmas tree, paint ornaments, participate in a scavenger hunt and the list goes on. Me personally my family doesn’t have any special Christmas traditions we participate in, usually we would just open gifts early that morning and then we would cook and play with our toys or as adults now we would cook and drink eggnog and just watch a movie together. I would love to pass on my Christmas tradition I will be starting and once I’m married and If me and my husband our blessed to have kids that I can pass down from generations. I’m talking roasting marshmallows to make smores, hot coco with whip cream, and a great Christmas game all while celebrating and giving thanks to the Most High King of Kings for everyday he gives us together. Let me just If you have any traditions you would like to start although your family may not have had one you don’t need to wait until your married or in a relationship to start that. Start it today even if your by yourself, your happiness is important and starts with you!

I want to leave you with two things. 1 is good wishes and blessings throughout your life journey. 2. is a prayer. Dear father God, may whoever is reading this post find rest and strength in your love, may you heal any brokenness they might be experiencing and help them through their grieving. Guide their hearts and mind towards what is good and glorify your kingdom. Protect them to and from their destinations, break any addiction they may be suffering with. May they know forgiveness is on the other side of whatever they did and they can find that with you. I pray for their friends and family and for you to bestow a blessing on them and help them find their purpose in this life you’ve created for them. May you remove any bitterness, anger, depression, doubt, fears, anxiety, and unforgiveness. Replace these feelings with your love, joy, happiness, peace and forgiveness. We submit ourselves to you and you are number one in our lives and its in his name we pray Amen. Signed: Sista Luv

Music I’m listening to: Pentatonix Ft Kelly Clarkson-Grown up Christmas Wish, Boys 2 Men- Let it snow, Celine Dion- O Holy Night. Swv-Give love on Christmas day, Kiana Lede-Someday at Christmas, Mary Mary- I worship you, Pentatonix Ft-Jennifer Hudson- How great are thou.

Once again ****MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL******, may we all try our hardest to come together and bring peace on earth. Give a little extra love for those around you..

This was so awesome, I truly appreciate you once again for reading this please if you’ve enjoyed this post make sure to like, comment, share, and subscribe. I would love to hear from you so drop those comments below. What Christmas traditions you have already or you will be starting? Need advice go to the home page click on tab labeled friendship club- contact form. Don’t miss out start the journey with me you will have so much more fun once you tag along. Follow me on social media IG, Twitter, FB @sista2sister. Stay Blessed, Stay Safe XOXOXOXO Lots of hugs and kisses. Happy Reading.

By (Sista Love)

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