Closing out 2020

Hello beauties, how are you? I hope you’ve all enjoyed your Christmas and the joy it can bring. In my last post *Merry Christmas to all* I’ve talked about finding joy in the smaller aspects of life, traditions and Jesus. If you’ve missed it be sure to go back and check it out, you won’t be disappointed. Honestly at first I wasn’t going to do a closing out of 2020, but I needed to pour out somethings in me in this safe haven of my writing. Some of you may identify with it and if it touches anyone then I feel good, not just because you’ve enjoyed it but because hopefully you can find help in this.

So many people have been saying F**K 2020 or 2020 didn’t exist or I hate it here in 2020 and so much more. But for me 2020 did exactly what the number shows us as good vision. It gave me 20/20 vision to what I refused to see for so long. It showed me people true desire towards you whether it was good or bad, it revealed itself without you ever having to do so much to sought it out. For ever a time we needed more togetherness this would of been the big shah-bang. Well lets just say the bang is I still have more healing to do and I’m perfectly fine with that aspect, but it’s time I make my healing more intentional.

Whew okay so I’ve lost relationships with people who the world would classify as important blood relatives and it hurt like hell yes it did and acknowledging that pain is part of my healing. This year showed me that olive branch of a person is not meant to grow with me, I had to break it off for my own sanity and peace. Now I know people get all emotional when you say your not speaking to close family members anymore, but I say hell. I’ll be damned if I allowed anyone family or not to bring nothing but negativity, disrespect, and a user attitude in my life. Oh it wasn’t an easy decision but it was a decision that had to be made and with full clarity I’m at peace with it. Let me just also say with peace of it must come forgiveness as well so you can continue to grow in the direction you need to be.

I’ve had friendships dwindle down to nothing and don’t get me wrong this happens in life. People are often in your life for a season and not everyone can go into that season where your heading into. For my friendships I’ve craved more then I’ve been able to get and you have to find someone who shares that craving of friendship as you. Sometime it can be rocky or you can have differences but truly the fight to maintain the friendship is what keeps it going, if it is a good one.

My skincare took a turn for the worst, I’m allergic to the mask they break me out but I need to wear it to protect others and myself. So I wear it. Trust me I have couple post up about my skin care journey and the meltdown I’ve been having on and off because of it. But I’ve soon realize stressing was actually hurting me more, every time I get all worked up and stressed about my skin the worst it got. So due to strict flying plans I couldn’t leave to get the medicine that helped me wonderfully the first time so I had to change around my routine. If you need to know what I’m using check out my skincare update – or + post. It has gotten much better.

I’ve made budgeting more of a priority now! Like millions of other who have been affected by this It was not easy for me in the finance department. My bills actually increased, due to negligence of having room mates. (My opinion never roommate with someone unless you absolutely absolutely have too. Save, Save, Save like you life depends on it because it does). So a budgeting tip that has help me and has been around forever is I got a medium size dry erase board and on there I’ve wrote every bill that I pay and guys I mean everything down to the exact change. This allowed me to see if there were certain things I can cut in order to better survive. Ex. for me was my gym membership, I still had it from going to the gym and after it opened back up I still wasn’t comfortable going so I continued my at home workouts. Boom I canceled my membership and the great part is you can always get one again later when your finances are better but if its not an absolute then cut it.

Let me also add by the grace of God love I have not lack anything. My family still have life here on this earth and without him I wouldn’t have it made it through this year so for that I want for nothing else. He has been my source of budgeting, survival, peace, hope, and faith getting me through this tough year. Before I credit anything else to steps I’ve done let me first credit the true author of my life the king of kings our God and Lord Jesus Christ my Savior I ‘am forever thankful.

So those things are what 2020 showed me but it also drew me closer at my relationship with God, it allowed me to get more into my writing, I mean I started heavily writing to all of you in the midst of this year. Before blogging was always something I wanted to do and now it’s something I’m actually doing. I ‘am also working on some writing that hopefully I would be able to share with you all in the next year 2021. (#Starting new adventures) . I’ve spoken about my singleness and with the help of a private group declared to myself finally I’ am Somebody’s Wife by Rachel G Woodson. (If you want her IG is IamRachelg). I’ve been working on getting me together. For so many years of my youth I’ve focus more on the family making sure everyone is happy and I’ve lost me and honestly it’s not until people show you all your efforts don’t matter to them, it’s only about what they can get from you so now I’m being intentional about me and if your not yet I want to encourage you to be Intentional about you!

Be intentional of loving yourself and finding things that make you happy. Allow yourself to heal and process the things out of your control, as they come in don’t brush it away actually have a conversation with God about it and ask him to help you with it. This is something I’m still practicing. Work on those project ideas you had from sometime ago, watch and listen to motivational shows not things drench in this over the top drama. Break from social Media more, we all need to unplug sometimes, and again start listing goals you would like to achieve in the next 5 years. Believe it or not but this time as we know is rolling full steam ahead with or without us, so join aboard and get started if you haven’t done so already.

****Be sure to look out for my NEW YEARS post and thank you guys for being a listening ear for me. I felt the weight lifting as I write this all down, I will be sure to be posting some great tips and motivational topics in my next post so be on the look out for it.**************

Please if you like this post- share, comment, like, and subscribe to my blog it has been a pleasure doing something so new to me and writing to all of you and I hope you’ve been enjoying what I’ve written to you so far and I must say a prayer to all my readers may you be safe and protected to and from your destinations. This prayer was short but freaky things happen when the year is closing out so please be on guard no texting and driving if they can’t call you then leave it alone. Be safe, protect others, practice social distancing still and be more pleasant to others. Follow me on social media IG, Twitter, & FB @sista2sister…. XOXOXOXOXO Lots of Hugs & Kisses. Happy Reading

By (Sista Love)

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