Out With The Old & In With The New

***Happy New Year****Hello beauties, so today embark as 1 new day into the new year of 2021 and our mantra for today is “Out With The Old & In With The New”. We are shaking off our 2020 and being thankful to God for life to bring us into this year of 2021. Now I’ve stopped with the New Year Resolutions, because a few resolutions in the year is not enough. I know what your thinking, ya girl don’t have Superwoman powers nope, but if you checked out my post called *Closing out 2020* I spoke about being Intentional and were going to need that Intent for our new year. Instead I want to focus on daily and monthly solutions. I’m going to give you some ideas of how that looks like to help get you started.

Daily healing- Its seems as if there’s always something happening that shakes up our spirit. It can be good things ( which is what we have to hold on to) or it can be bad things ( This is when we process what happens, don’t brush it away and then speak to God about it so we can find healing) Often from that healing we will find a solution. So now we must be intentional of daily healing and working on ourselves so we can better process what seems unchangeable in the moment and hold on to the good things that happen. The hold is not a physical hold but its a Mental hold of Good things does happen for me, I have a lot to offer & I still have life to accomplish more.

Growth is daily- Change is not always bad, it can be very good especially when its for your good! You taste buds will change for things you may have never liked before. Your mentality will mature which helps you understand how you process certain situations. Your spiritual faith and journey will change to put you in the direction you need to be. Your finances will change, to put you in a better place and to be more giving to others in need. Notice their are no Negative in the daily growth I spoke of because we are Manifesting great change and growth in each other.

Monthly solutions- Budgeting, Oh yes we are still budgeting in 2021 because we need it. We’ve still have work to do with our finances, so keep your board up or your paper pad and every time we make a payment we are writing down the new amount so we can see monthly yes this bill is becoming lower. The goal is to be debt free, I know we may want to celebrate a lot depending on how this year changes but we have to keep in mind our finances and the freedom we want from it.

Daily/Monthly solutions- Working out! yes we may have fell off and if you have I told you before that’s okay we starting right back up again. No this is not a new year resolution because were not just doing it for this year alone. This is a daily (5-6) and monthly goal we are accomplishing that way we can keep up with it. We not going to keep practicing start/quit. If you’ve been keeping up with it double high fives for you, You got this and keep it up.

Relationships- This one can be touch and go, some of us can’t wait to be on dates again and experience a relationship again but we must be mindful of not being to anxious or over rushing the process. Make sure that person aligns with what you need and accept from a partner. Do not settle!

Thank you guys for reading and if you’ve enjoyed this post please share some love in the comments and let me know, other things your doing to better work on yourself. Don’t forget to like, share, & subscribe to my blog. We are only going up from here, join in on the fun! Have a topic in mind you want me to discuss drop it in the comments or email me directly You can also ask for advice there as well. There is a friendship on the other side waiting for you, lets grow & glow together. Follow me on social media FB, IG, Twitter- Sista2sister. Stay safe, Stay blessed. XOXOXOXOXO Lots of hugs and Kisses. Happy Reading.

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