That Ole Slug

Hey beauties, how have you all been? It is officially 2021 and yet there is still a certain feeling taking place that you cant explain. I call it that ole sluggish feeling. Seems as if things are moving kind of slow and nothing much have changed. It’s that feeling where your totally amped up to do something but you can’t bring yourself to do it yet. This sluggish feeling sometimes happen in life and usually it can take place when your looking or thinking up your next adventure goal or career goal that you may want in life. That ole sluggish feeling has nothing to do with your drive, momentum, determination, or your ability to get things done. Yes the year change and honestly this month feels like the 13th month of 2020 lol so don’t beat yourself up as to why your not getting things done as of yet, it takes time and that old slug will shake off. 😉

Now everyone has different ways of getting back into to the swing of things and once you find the way that works best for you just go ahead and ease right on it. See what I’m learning is there going to be still periods in your life and its not based on anything you did wrong. I know for me personally and many people out there the new year came and your already feeling like BLAH I can’t tell a difference, give it sometime my friends. We will manifest greatness and in order to do that we must speak greatness to the fullest. So stay in there don’t give up, recognize the feelings your having and then take small proactive steps to fix them. Don’t worry about tackling everything at once- Take each thing one day at the time and build yourself back to it. If you feel like time is of the essence go check out my post called The Age Stop Watch!!!.

Wanted to make this post short, sweet and to the point for you guys because trying to brush off your feelings sometimes will only make it worst, we have to acknowledge them so we can get a better understanding of why and how can we overcome it. (Huge side note at church yesterday my Pastor read a study that showed people who go to church one a week or more mental, physical, and emotional health during 2020 was up 9.34+ in the US). I didn’t complete a survey myself but let me honestly tell you GOD carried me through it and I had no worries and fears, he comforted me. That survey is the truth. -Signed: Sista Luv

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By (Sista Love)

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