February the month of:

Hello beauties, today is February 1st and even though its the shortest of them it makes one of the biggest impacts. So usually February is considered the month of Love: A lot of people either are looking, finding, marrying, hooking up with or even dumping love in the span of one month. Now although this may be one of the first things that pop in to your mind when you think of the month of February, that’s not what this post is for. We’ll tackle this subject a little more when that special day draws near.

I’m here talk about and celebrate the main entrΓ©e of the entire month so let us all shout a little Woo-Hoo and say Happy Black History Month. (Celebrating Black Pioneers and future Black Leaders). Thank you, Thank you to all of the ancestors who’ve pave the way for us and fought ever so bravely for freedom, rights, equality, and love. Thank you for the inventors who has contributed far beyond what is documented to the technologies and inventions we use and depend on today. Without your resilience to push forward and keep going against all circumstances the advancement of our daily lives now would not be so evolved. Thank you to our current and future leaders that are making waves.

Quick side note: So I’ve been watching this show that takes place waaayyy back in the days and this may be a little TMI but I couldn’t stop thinking of it being that I am a woman as well but back then women would find out there pregnancy status by if there mensural cycle would come on through the sheets and I just thought what a sad moment to be in where you would have to stay in doors the time of your cycle because you had no reliable protection to wear to avoid soiling your clothes and being seen in such a way. I became thankful that I was born in such an era that we women have so much more choices protecting ourselves to be able to walk out and about and sleep at night now, not feeling that sensation and mini murder scene it may look like lol.

To be more thankful is to thank the true inventor of it so in honor of Black History Month here is a little known black history Fact. Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner-πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– born May 17, 1912 was an American inventor most noted for her development of the sanitary belt A.K.A (PADS). Due to racial discrimination it prevented its adoption for thirty years (30). Women around the world and Men thank you for this.

We honor the many men and women whose names we still haven’t learned about yet or played a part in these great inventions and the overall movement of the black culture that names were lost or never recorded properly. Your efforts has not gone unnoticed and although we may not know you we thank you!!!. ****Also Kevin Hart has a special on Netflix feel free to watch it, I did and it was so good its called: ***Kevin Hart’s Guide to Black History***. Signed: Sista Luv

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