Throwback Poetry-1st Edition

Hello beauties, how are you all? So first of all I wanted to share something really personnel with you all. Something I’ve never shared with much people and that is my poetry I wrote. A lot of people never knew or believed I wrote poetry because its something I kept very personal and private only for me and every once in a while I would share it but usually it would just be for my eyes only. Its so funny because now that I’m finding all these Poems I wrote way back when I mean like way back when and let me just say my mind lol well it was sexually curious & constantly in love lol with little hints of (You’ll understand once I share more of them). I’m going to leave it there. So I thought it would be nice to share some of these memories with you all and its kind of a reminder to myself as well so I can always look back.

Okay here it goes the first Poem I ever wrote was over 16 years ago now I was in middle school back then and a friend of mine at the time named Yuri read me this poem- Now I can’t remember if she wrote the poem herself or found it somewhere but it intrigued me so much I was like Yuri I have to write a part two to this poem. So I did and I can honestly say that’s when my love for writing was tapped open especially for poetry. I even have some I’ve lost over time with moving back and forth and failure to keep proper care. But it brings a real joy to me to still have the very first one! Sorry you’ll never hear part 1 but this is my take on part 2

Die For Love Part 2- Written by Alexia August 17, 2005

Everybody say love is so sweet but yet why love has not found me, I’ve been through many men before but still again my heart is sore so would my day began never the sooner never the end. But then again I saw this boy who my heart desire and longs out for and when we had our first conversation I felt this amazing sensation to write more and more until we fall in love for sure and sitting by the step hoping this day come true I start to think more of you and to my surprise I see another girl by your side wanting you like I do, using everything she’s got to get through you but to my surprise I see you saying I’ll never want her mines but even though you don’t love her so, it hurts my heart to know she’s with you so I die for love on this very part.- Signed: Sista Luv

Throwback Poetry will take place ever other Wednesday so make sure stay tuned to see which poem I wrote way back then is featured here on the blog. Tell me your thoughts on my first ever poem. I love looking back at how I’ve written before and seeing how I’ve changed and also how I’m still similar. So don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE! lol I had to write that in big bold letters for you all because I need you to follow those steps and be sure to share your thoughts with me through the comments or connect on the tab labeled friendship club- contact form. Follow me on IG, Twitter, & FB @Sista2sister. We are in this friendship and life together so join to be apart!! Stay safe & Stay blessed Happy Readings XOXOXOXOXO-lots of hugs & Kissesβ€β€β€πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

By (Sista Love)

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