(Sista 2 Sister) Poem

Written by: Alexia-   Date:2020   Name: Sista 2 Sister

You are beautiful, your presence alone demands attention. Your kind, you use your words carefully to speak goodness to others, but your woman enough to admit your wrongs and fix them if someone's hurt. Your confidence is forever astonishing to all those in your presence but its not boastfully used to put down others. Your lips are exquisitely designed different shapes to different size to share truth & courage among every eyes. Your hips imperfectly design to give body and movement to whatever platform it desires. Your skin, see you won't believe me but your skin shades formed from the deepest sexiest melanin chocolate, through the hint of golden bronze sweet Carmel, to the lighter freshly brewed insanely smooth latte macchiato, your skin color is made with richness in every shade with the essence of our creator. Descendants of royalty the sun kissed us in honoree to shine brighter then we ought to be, so lets inspire, unify, & live accordingly for a sisterhood of extraordinary women & girls is a reality. Written by Alexia from

This is written from love and echoes warmth, beauty, and the difference among us. May every woman of color place a copy of this near their heart, may every young princess know this is the making of you a Queen! Signed: Sista Luv

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By (Sista Love)

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