Throwback Poetry 2nd Edition

Psa announcement sorry 😢 guys for missing last Wednesday but I was so busy moving. Thank you for understanding 😊😊😊

Hey beauties, here we go again with some of my throwback poetry that I will be sharing with you all. If your new here to the blog, don’t worry this is something new I’ve started so you haven’t missed much but please make sure you subscribe so you can receive notifications of New Blog Post Alerts!! (YAY) lol. This Poem I’m going to share with you all was written in high school I believe and it was in my English class. My teacher back then was an optimistic (she made us do a lot of writing based off a general painting without any captions or much going on in the background, so to the imagination I went based off my picture. Now I do not have the image she given us to use all these years ago but this is what I interpreted from that picture.

***Remember Throwback poetry edition takes place every other Wednesday!! So without further a due lets get into it.****

Written by: Alexia Date: 2008 – Name: The Love Picture

Looking at this picture, a picture above, makes me think about the one I love. Makes me want to wrap myself into his arms were I know everything is nice and calm. And when the wind blow I’ll feel us go into a sweet, sweet daze that only him and I know. And soon as I think life is passing me by it’s really not its just my involvement with this guy, and to be honest and true if you met him you’ll fall in love with him too. It’s just something about the way he says my name that put a tingling sense in my body which drives me insane. Sometimes I even find myself screaming his name and wondering to myself how did I find this boy, and how did we become to be as one, To sleep and eat and think as one. And to live our lives completely satisfy, because our love is something well never sacrifice. Don’t matter if you think its wrong or right because in my eyes they can never be a guy like him who is right for me because the picture above is the picture of he.

Please like, comment, share, and subscribe here to my blog and let me know how did you guys like this throwback poem. If you missed the first one just go to my Homepage and go the title name Blog feed, you will find the first poem I ever wrote there. This so new for me sharing these poems with anyone and I couldn’t have chose a better base then my Friends here on the blog. Don’t forget to follow me on social media @sista2sister and as always Stay safe & Stay blessed. Happy Reading XOXOXOXO- Lots of hugs & kisses 💖💖❤❤💋😘😘😘💕💕

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