Throwback Poetry 3rd edition

Hello beauties, we are back with some of my throwback poetry I’ve written in the past. Now to anyone new reading this I have been sharing with my friends here some of my poetry work I’ve done many years ago as a teenager and its so intimate and personal for me because a lot of these poems has never been seen or heard of by anyone else. My blog is something I do hold dear to me so I decided to take the big step and share my work with you all and its super exciting for me. This poem is the 3rd poem so far that’s released by me and I do explain the breach in the amount time that has passed in my post called Roll call part 2. If you have not done so already make sure check out all of my posts lol but if your looking for the poetry one its “Throwback Poetry 1st edition” That’s where I shared my first baby with you all. I’ve written a lot and due to poor placement skills I’ve lost a lot of my written poetry as well, but once again I’m happy to share it with you all and if ever wanted to share with someone please make sure and credit me. -Alexia Tucker- A.K.A Sista Luv from Thank you! Now lets jump in

Poem Name: A young girls sorrow

Written by: Alexia Tucker

Date: March 21, 2010

She feels so lost and confused, scared to talk because she has no one to talk to. Wondering if she cries can you hear her sorrow. Living for today without no hope for tomorrow. Afraid of what will happen next, claims her life is so full of stress. Running away is her only way out. Feeling like the world is against her now. What can she say, what can she do, cause now she’s living for two. In her mind she swears that she doesn’t care, but in her heart she wishes someone was there. Her partner want her to have his baby, but at 15 come on she must be crazy. People would say it was all her fault. But blaming doesn’t get the problem solved. Abortion would seem like the best thing to do, but how do you kill someone that comes from you. What can she say, what can she do, what would she choose, who would she loose is all the questions she’s thinking of and thinking of. Now the guy is backing out, he claims it’s not his child. And now the young girl finally speaks out, expressing her pain and anger real loud. This is a name you’ll never be called, A man, because in my eyes you’re a dog and through my experience being with you, I hope I’ll never meet another guy like you. And sometimes I wonder and thought what other names I can say to replace who you are, a lie, a cheat, a deceiver, dead beat, but most of all a waste of humanity.

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By (Sista Love)

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