Throwback poetry 4th Edition

Hello beauties, today is Wednesday!! and it’s throwback poetry time (insert cheers) 🙌🙌. To anyone new on my blog post I’ve started throwback poetry to share some of my poems I wrote years ago with you all. Its a huge piece of me that I always held to myself and I’m at a point now where I’m opening up more and just pouring more and more of me in my personal blog. So without further a due lets jump into the poem I will be sharing with you all.

Poem: Conceited

Written by: Alexia

Date: March 2008

Conceited crazily obsessed with yourself, because you know your better than everyone else. 100% different in everything you do, no one could ever stand up next to you. Confidence is written all in your eyes, because when you see yourself, there’s nothing to hide. When you walk and talk it spells out the definition of a boss, even though your not related to Rick Ross. Independent in everything you do, but making money is the most important to you. Fearing no enemies, laughing at who ever envy thee, because they’ll never see the end of thee. Many lack what you got, being around you is the only way they have what they got. So even if your dead and gone, you’ll always be the reason the word conceited lives on.

Thank you guys for rocking out with me on this throwback poetry Wednesday. Please share, comment, like, and subscribe here to my blog and If you haven’t heard the news I’ve started a Youtube channel as well its called Lexi Vybez, I’ve posted a link on my post called ***Trying something new***so feel free to check it out and do me a favor subscribe to my channel as well for support. Let me know your thoughts down below and I can’t wait to hear from you. If you need some sound free advice be sure to use the tab labeled friendship club-contact form or you can email me directly at You can follow me on instagram, twitter, and Facebook @sista2sister. As always stay safe, stay blessed, and happy reading XOXOXO lots of hugs and kisses 💖💖💕❤🥰🥰😘😘😍

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