Giving Thanks

Hello beauties, I hope you all had a great Thanks giving or as I now like to say Giving Thanks weekend. I’ve spent some time with my family in Orlando and it was a blast. I’ve helped whipped up some good food that we all enjoyed. We took this moment to relax, connect, and eat of course! and sorry if this post comes a little late but this thanksgiving was different for me and I wanted to practice gratefulness even when my emotions doesn’t allow me to feel like it all of the time. I’m thankful for a new day of life I’ve been given, I’m thankful for my parents and family, I’m thankful for my friends and the new one’s I’ve made, my church, and for my relationship with God in my growing faith and also my friendship with all of you here on the blog. Time is going by rather quicker and quicker every year and we must encompass every moment we get. Take every opportunity within reason that we can and really go for it. To end this super short quick post, I will be posting a picture of my Thanksgiving dinner. I hope you all enjoyed your time this weekend and let me know what did you differently this year. P.S now it’s time to get this workout going!! Feel free to join me if you like, I have a whole page dedicated on how you can get involved. Signed: Sista Luv

Thanksgiving Dinner – By: Sista Luv

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By (Sista Love)

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