Love letter Affirmations

Hello beautiful people, quick question is you following me on IG? If not, I need you to go ahead and follow me right now @sista2sister. Now I never go into sharing my social media handle at the top of my post, but for today’s post social media is a big part of it, because I’ve been doing an Extra Self Love Challenge for the month of February, and I’ve decided to share some of the affirmations I’ve posted on there here. But if you want to count out the rest of the month with me on the affirmation, I need you to follow me on IG to get your daily self-love fix and even better repost it using #sista2sister so someone else can see the positive vibes are friendship consist of here on the blog! So, without further a due check them out below treat yourself extra special this year!

Be true and kind to yourself you deserve it.

Forgiving yourself is never easy, but you’ll be happier once you do.

Allow your beautiful spirit to shine bright.

Great is within you and greatness you will achieve. (Boss babe)

Your allowed to choose what makes you happy.

Speak positivity over yourself, you are and will always be worth it.

Continuously blossoming into the beautiful intelligent woman, I am.

Woman enough to admit my flaws, strong enough to work on them.

Your fearless and wonderfully made, Love ❤ you.

Water yourself daily and allow yourself to grow.

Be patient with yourself, you are too precious to rush your growth.

God made you, God Loves you even when it feels like no one else do.

Live in your inner calm and synergy.

Positive vibes, positive mind, positive attitude is the goal.

You are beautiful, please believe it, because you are.

Your worthy and you have value.

Your smart, driven, and made with a lot of love to give.

Dear beautiful soul being your worthy of great things and plans. You may not notice all these things about yourself, but I’m here to tell you that all this love is alive in you. Destined for greatness, imperfectly flawed but beautifully evolving into a better you every day with patience. Smart, ambitious, and spiritually reflecting, learning lessons and living adventures. Great as he who is alive in me, we live on because he set us free. So, choose to forgive yourself for past mistakes, and choose to love yourself through it. Reminding ourselves of these great attributes is not easy every day, but were taking this one day at a time and were saying I Love Me! Signed: Sista Luv

Hey, loves so don’t forget to follow me here on the blog by signing up below or head over to my friendship club and fill it out so we can get to know each other. Leave me a comment down below if you’ve enjoyed this post and look forward to more affirmation post like this! On IG #Sista2sister and be sure to show Ya girl some love on here as well. Don’t forget to comment, like, share, follow and share again with your friends, family, and even social media friends. As always stay safe, stay blessed XOXOXOXOXOXO lots of hugs and kisses from me to you.

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