Spring a head April

Welcome beauties to the month of April and the season of spring. Honestly as soon as January hits it’s like the next 5 months breezes full speed and I’m always like gata plan for my Birthday in May and then April hits and I’m like noooo, I didn’t get no planning done lol where did the months go? It sounds like oh you get a lot of time to plan but you really don’t! I need more time, but I’m just thankful for the daily grant of life I’ve gotten and everything else if granted will fall in place. (Amen) So were in the month of April and I have a few things plan for Good Friday and Easter. So Good Friday I’m going to be doing a Fry fish Friday and then on Easter Sunday we plan to go to church first, give thanks to God and his love for us by dying on the cross for our sins but the most beautiful part is arising 3 days later to be with us eternally. It’s truly the most amazing gift our heavenly father gave to us, so I hope you guys enjoy a day in fellowship with your loved ones, friends, church family, or anyone who is a great source of earthly peace, happiness, and loyalty in your life. After Church I’ll be cooking Easter dinner and since my immediate family is not here, I’ll be amongst friends whose been such a great support system for me. Calling out Blessings on blessing on blessings to you and your family/friends and may good times, love, joy, and comfort follow you through every season of your life good and bad. I wrote a post for Easter called Happy Easter he has risen for you! that I will be adding to the top of my page on the main website so just click on the home tab or click on the blog feed and scroll down to find it. I hope your eyes catches some other great reads that you can read and enjoy as well.

So, feel free to let me know in the comments what plans do you have? will you be doing an easter egg hunt with your kids or nieces and nephews or friends? Will you be cooking up a tasty dinner? (Drop some pictures in the comments for me) or do you have a different tradition that you participate in or would like to start? (I want to hear about it all). Speaking of Easter egg hunt were also going to be doing an adult easter egg hunt (hint, hint,) but it’s going to be all in good fellowship and togetherness I’ll be sure to take some pictures to post up for you guys to see.

When’s my birthday? it’s funny that this whole post that’s all your thinking about lol, thank you🥰. I’ll let you all know Taurus season coming up and ya girl Birthday is May 3, !!!!! Let’s get it! make sure you climb in my comment section, in my emails, on my friendship contact form, on my IG @sista2sister and show ya girl some birthday love. Don’t talk about it be about it lol big Taurus energy guys 😅. Would you like to show even extra love? feel free to send ya girl a cash App gift $guavaduff$guavaduff or by completing a Charitable donation by using my PayPal on the home screen and on the side of this post. It will redirect you to PayPal to make a secure birthday contribution. I appreciate anything in advance 💖

My lovelies, make sure you drop a comment down below with any spring plans you have, let’s talk about it and don’t forget to share my page with your friends and family, Like, Comment, Subscribe, Follow, and Share!!! (Please lol) wishing you a great week and just positive vibes all over. I appreciate you guys allowing me to host you and talk to you and share a part of me with you. I know sometimes I fall off on my writing to you and it’s truly because I have other stressors going on, but I promise one thing. Whenever I do jump on here and write to you guys, I always feel better and I push through and if anyone needed to hear this, write down what you’re feeling and push through with the endurance only God can give to you and allow everything else to fall in place. Our season will come. Don’t forget once again to like, comment, subscribe and share. Follow me on IG sista2sister – check out my YouTube channel Lexivybez and as always stay safe and stay blessed. Until next time lots of hugs and kisses XOXOXOXO ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘💖💖🖤🖤🖤😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰.

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