Unplugging From Your Daily Hustle

Work on work, plus work, equals continual work. We live in a constant go, go, atmosphere that’s it unnormal to just stop, breathe, and have a relaxing moment to yourself. Attempting to seek relaxation feels like those distant space movies when they get lost in space and every time, they try to grab something to hold on tight it breaks off. For some reason or another we sometime find it hard to unplug from everything and everyone and say this time is just for me. It reminds of babies when there so sleepy and they keep slightly dosing off but then wakes up within the same second believing they’ve missed something. We as adults believe if we place our phone down for a brief moment, we’ll miss something, whether it was a post, call, text, or even a new challenge and now we’ve subconsciously slipped back into the plug of our electronics and our yearning of relaxation is now a space filled thought, that’s again hard to grab.

No fear, I’ve got some helpful tips to help you reel back in and begin the relaxation process. Step 1 you’ll need to determine a time frame for DND (Do Not Disturb) me please! (Side note, the please just helps make the request from yourself to yourself sound more kind) The way to speak something in you and over you are with kindness so you must use manners even when dealing with yourself. Example – Once I get off work or once my partner returns home and relieve me pf the kids and housing responsibilities, I will dictate 2 hours of DND. Remember your mind needs time to wind down and ease from all the thoughts it carries so it’s important to not look at your phone during this time because the lights and activates will whine it up and then next thing you know 5 hours went by and you’re still scrolling.

Step # 2 warm bath or shower relaxes the muscles and washes the day away. This will help to break up tense muscles and can help wash some of the anxiety and stressors of that day away. It makes you release a phrase of MMM this is nice or wow I needed this. It helps a lot and of course you have that ultra-so fresh n so clean feeling. This step has a side note (you need to be in a clean environment as well. Dirty rooms or homes clutter you up and takes away that clean feeling. Believe me your space needs to be clean, so this is a great area to start if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Step #3 Put the dang phone down. Put it away somewhere you will need to walk a distance to get. If you’re in the room place it in the living room, the key is out of sight out of mind. If the phone is with you and one sound is made indicating a text or notification your instant first nature thought at this point is to grab it and see who texted or notified, you. Have you ever been praying, and text came through and you’re like I wonder who that is. Some of you will jump up look at it and depending on who it is, stops your activities to engage in a texting chain while patiently waiting for their reply lol.

Step #4 TV doesn’t count. This is the part like but what if I want to catch up on my show or watch a nice movie? It has been scientifically proven by me that when watching any movie/show there’s an urge to check your phone. We’ve all done it and sometimes it’s like why is the Tv even on, you’re looking every now and then and then you start bothering someone else like what happened or rewinding back because you were on your phone trying to do two things at once and missed something. Believe me this is a true statement taken by me and happening to most of you lol.

Step #5 this is where I come in to tell you what you can do! (This is no way by force, just of good suggestion since you clicked the post). If you do decide to pick up your phone, do log on to to find great reads. So please do read and enjoy a topic from the blog. Do find an activity you enjoy like painting, reading, home spa days, meditating, yoga, spiritual healing time or even if you need to catch up on much needed sleep. Unplug and choose something that makes you happy! Your mind, body, heart, and spirit will thank you.

Thank you, guys, so much for logging on and staying a part of the journey. Can you do me one big favor and make sure to Like, Comment, Subscribe & Share. Let’s help grow our blog family, together we can reach the masses. Don’t forget free anonymous advice is given if needed, just send a message or email to follow me on social media IG @sista2sister. Do you have any great unplugging ideas we can do? if so, please comment below so we can all enjoy. Is there any additional topics you would like discussed on the blog? Let me know.

As always beautiful people stay safe, blessed and lots of huggs and kisses from me to you XOXOXOXOXOXO 😍😍🥰🥰😘😘🖤🖤💖💖❤️.

2 replies on “Unplugging From Your Daily Hustle”

Good day to my talented sista who wrote this blog and to that rest of my sisters out there take notes on what this sista is saying. Her last post was mind blowing and this, wow! This one goes beyond, over and around there corner if your not paying attention sisters. We need time for ourselves, life is hard, work is hard, dealing with friends, family and kids is super hard. We are super moms, super wives, super friends and co-works, we make things happen.
I give thanks to God Almighty for his love, mercy, health and strength cause sometime, I tell you I do not know how or where I would find the energy from to do all these things if it was not for the Lord God Almighty. Sista’s, we have to find away to Reflect, Relax and Rejuvenate, the new three(3) R’s. Let’s focus on ourselves because, if we keep on going like this we would only burnout ourselves, then what good are we to our love ones.
I am so happy for cell phones, but there are times I wish we can focus on ourselves, friends, family and most of all God our creator the way we focus on our phones. Question? When was the last time we read a book, the newspaper but most of all the holy bible, yes I am guilty of this myself so I can not or will not judge anyone else. I plan to give God’s word a listening ear more than one a day, find time for my body to relax, my mind and thoughts to mellow down and not to over think things. To put myself first and take care of mind, body and soul. We are super woman but, even with our super power our energy and strength is like a candle with no light. So, sista’s our goals is to put the phones down for two hours a day to focus on loving ourselves, then others.


Wow Joy thank you so much for this comment and relating so passionately with the Blog. You’ve given us so many great ideas to reflect on as well and things to do. I’ll have to practice the 3 R’s you’ve mentioned, reflect, relax, and rejuvenate. This advice is so wholesome and needed. I’m so appreciative of your commitment to the blog and being a part of the sisterhood. Let’s continue to band together and share our sisterhood, until my next post as always stay safe and be blessed!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXO


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