Happy Valentines Day

Hey beautiful people, how are you? I’m coming through to wish you a Happy Valentines Day! Please don’t fall into a loophole that this day is only for lovers. It’s for singles (pour some extra love into yourself), It’s for friends (Galentine day with your girls), It’s for anyone even if you choose to not celebrate or don’t buy into the whole idea. I’m just here to spread some extra love from me to you and I hope you see this as an opportunity to choose self-love and reflect that love on to others. We all need to receive some kindness and be kinder to others in the process.

To my beautiful blog readers, thank you so much for sharing another Valentines Day with me and whatever you decide to do, enjoy it, be safe, and don’t make any drastic decisions you’ll regret. Cheers to another love filled day which I hope embarks on 321 more days of love filled blissed. To all my single baddies let’s not give up hope in meeting our future spouses and sharing lots of love bliss moments. You deserve it, I deserve it, we deserve it. Love, healing, self-love, beauty, intelligence, and grace looks so good on you.

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One reply on “Happy Valentines Day”

Thank you so much my sista, your recent words of encouragement let’s me know that there is hope for us all. It does not matter the age, love will find us, trust in the Lord and lift up his Holy Name, the name of Jesus our savior, be faith in all that we do.
Happy Valentines Day to All my beautiful sista’s out there, enjoy you’ll day and be blessed, until next time love, peace, and understanding.

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