Extra Positivity for the Doubt.

Choose to be kinder to yourself.

Hey beautiful people, I hope all has been well. We’re now in the 3rd month of 2023 and if anyone of you has fallen weary or hit a halt no worries were going to pour out some extra positivity to help. In a moment you can be seemingly fine, and all is well. Then in the next moment negative thoughts are creeping into your mind and psyching you out. Things you’re hoping for or wants you may have felt like there not obtainable anymore because of the doubts. Let’s shake it off and take a deep breath. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype of everyday life plus social media, then of course any friendships/relationships you may be trying to hold down. It’s exhausting! Work alone (5-7) days a week is enough to drain you, let’s not allow doubts to add to it. This isn’t a message on just get over it and things you shouldn’t do because it’s hard. This is a message on ways to be kinder to yourself in the process.

First step, take a deep breath. Now repeat again and again but each time release the air slowly and focus on your breathing. This helps to calm your mind and refocus your thoughts on your breathing.

Step 2, repeat these words over yourself. I’m worthy, I’m deserving, I’m kind, I’m loved, I was made in the image of the most high God, I have a purpose, I’m beautifully and wonderfully made, I desire true happiness and peace. We have to combat the tumble weed of negative thoughts and express the love and pour the extra kindness into ourselves that’s needed.

Step 3 watch or listen to uplifting/upbeat music or tv programs. Other people’s over dramatic Alize drama and kill, drug music won’t help. These sometime further our doubts and really doesn’t pour anything into you. We have to feed our mind with positive energy and hearing these things is an important step.

Step 4, reset and give it to God. It’s only so much we can carry in our own strength. My prayer now is I’m asking God to help me to find genuine happiness within myself, because happiness comes from within. It can be hard at times, and you may feel like, but I’ve already failed; Please know that no, you didn’t, complete step 4 by reset and give to God. Well, I messed up on my diet I said I was going to do better, and I fell off. Okay you realize where you went wrong now complete step 4. I said I would start that _ or finish that _ or I really want _ and I don’t see any signs of it coming together anytime soon. Choose step 4 and the prayer to find genuine happiness in the wait, unknown, change of direction, or uncompletion. This could all be a change of occurrence happening and we need to reset.

I know it’s a process and not as easy as the steps I’ve laid out, but wouldn’t it be so much better to say we tried and not give up. One of my favorite phrases I always like to remind myself is as long as we’re still here and have life and breath in our bodies we can reset/begin again with each day we get. Now that in itself has depth, beauty, and positivity in it. This is everything I want for you and for me and how we can pour into ourselves for kinder results.

I hope and pray you find solace in this message and steps provided. May the peace that surpasses all understanding bestow upon us! Now do me a huge favor and Share, Like, Subscribe, Comment, and follow the blog page to support your girl. Free anonymous advice is still available here on the blog. Don’t forget to follow me on IG @sista2sister. As always stay safe and stay blessed, lots of hugs and kisses from me to you XOXOXOXO

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