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I have a degree in Culinary arts/Baking & Pastry. I love cooking and it’s one of my past time favorites, not just for survival reasons but I believe that food brings people together and so many great conversations can happen at the food table. Granted some bad ones can happen to i’m just being honest here! but in the midst of it all you wouldn’t be scared to experience it all again.

I will be providing step by step recipes that I’ve recorded myself of dinner ideas that I’m using along my journey to reach my desired change. These videos along with the recipe itself will be available for just $5. The video will be yours to keep and watch over and over. I appreciate your support and thank you in advance.


Foodie Alternatives

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Step by step food videos showing you how to make quick and efficient dinner alternatives for a healthier lifestyle.

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Kids Approved meals that they will enjoy to eat- so no more worrying about cooking separate meals for your family.

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Budget friendly ingredients- that can leave you with enough for leftovers! I love some good leftovers.

  • All that’s needed is to buy your groceries

Cauliflower Casserole- Steamed Green Beans- Blackened Salmon ( Video Recipe )

Super delicious cauliflower casserole with bacon bits and cheese baked altogether in a parrot dish served with fresh green beans, steamed and cooked with a blackened salmon. Yum

5.00 $

Cauliflower Pizza ( Video Recipe )

Delicious Home made Cauliflower pizza recipe from scratch. Choose your toppings (but don’t go to crazy) and lets gets started. You can get this step by step video today!

5.00 $

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Why You’ll Love it

Balancing work life with a family life and kids if you do have or not can be hard sometimes. Sometime we want to just order that fast food take out because we know we’ll get it quicker. We often sometime don’t know how to start with finding healthier alternatives. That’s where I will be joining in to help you. My food videos are a great starting place!!!

  • Delicious
  • Ethical
  • Easy Meal Prep
  • Budget Friendly
  • Better then take out

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Foodie Alternatives

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