Learning 2 love you

Hey beauties, how are you holding up? I hope and pray you are standing as strong as possible during this time that the country is starting to re-open back up slowly. I got inspired about writing this post yesterday after a little incident happened on IG, here’s a small backstory I seen a young lady posted on a advertise page nude with a thong on. Now usually when I see these I don’t say anything because I don’t want to seem as passing judgement but I felt a little urge to say something and after looking at her personal page and then the page she advertise to be on I basically just said to her young queen you don’t have to show your body like this for likes and follows and just reminder her of her beauty. So then of course I get hit with a comment back from a stranger saying maybe she just love herself and her body as in that’s why she’s advertising it and I didn’t quite know how I wanted to respond to it so I chose not too just out of keeping things a mutual respect because my intent wasn’t to attack it really wasn’t it was just to give these young girl options that this culture doesn’t because often times how your path start is not necessarily how you want to finish it.

So this comment of loving yourself really got me thinking because I keep seeing it all over lately Pic’s up online and the caption loving myself no matter what the internet says. So my mind really got to thinking if you were to post a pic online and lets just say it was more on the nude side and you didn’t get any likes or comments at all from the internet would you still be loving yourself? Now I don’t want to give anyone the impression that I have it down pack loving myself because I really don’t but i’m learning how to do that more and more and no this post is not to lash out at anyone who decides that’s how they want to show that they love themselves.

This post is for the girl’s who only know one way to show that you love yourself and your body by showing it to the world and waiting for the likes to vindicate that feeling. Because of the culture right now if you are not baring it all at times then your insecure, if you don’t showcase every curve of your body for everyone to see at a moments notice then your not sexy enough, confident enough, brave enough, positive enough, open enough, free enough and the list can go on. Do you really want to know the crazy part of it that some won’t tell you about??? None of it and I truly mean none of it replaces the hole they have inside of them that can only be closed up by God. If you don’t believe what I’m saying take a look now how most women pose in pictures, most every picture is with their back (booty) facing the camera and their head turned slightly or looking as well and they have managed to train your mind this how pictures are taken now this is how you entice and get likes and follows. Once again this is not to put down anyone that likes to take pictures that way it just goes to show you that if your learning to love yourself based off what social media has deemed as lovable then you may end up pouring out to much of yourself only to find that hole you thought was closed is indeed still open and everyone seen so much that you have nothing to hold back to for the mystery and layers that comes with knowing you.

Now the big question you might be thinking okay how do you do it? Well like I told you i’m working on it myself but start with affirmations and just don’t say them in your head say them out loud if you need some to start you off check out my post about daily affirmations. Spend time in prayer with God, this one is the most important but you have to find your faith how your ready to start that journey. Start taking yourself out (once everything is back to normal of course) you do not look crazy out with yourself. Start rediscovering how you would like to look to help boost that outer love of confidence, do you need to work on your weight? do it if that’s what you feel is stopping you. Do you need to work on your skin? (trust me about that it is a challenge within itself I know all about but I have two post about skin care that you can check out to get you started). But once again the biggest thing is going to be speaking with God and seeking him, he is the only one that will not tear you down at a moments notice. He loves you and waiting for you to join him and he will help you and show you other ways to love yourself and your body without having to fall victim to how the culture says you must show it. signed: Sista Love

Side note: once again if however your expressing yourself now and loving yourself now makes you feel whole and complete I say enjoy it, if it works for you continue to do it. Lets keep this postive!!

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