Roll Call Part 2

Hello beauties, how are you all? This post is a quick check in with you all. I know I’ve been absent for a little while and todays even suppose to be Throwback Poetry day but due to my storage drive with all of my items stored on acting up, I may loose all of my work 😢😢😢. I’m going to stay hopefully that doesn’t happen. Thank you guys for your support with reading my blog and staying entuned to new material that I drop. I have so much to share with you guys but I don’t have the right time in this moment to really go into details of everything. So please if you haven’t done so already feel free to check out my previous content, I will let you know once I have the storage problem fix so I can continue to share my poetry with you all.

Please guys feel free to reach out to me with any questions, or if you need some sound free advice. Drop it in the comments or email me directly And in case your wondering I’m doing Okay I’m in a different space right now where growing, wisdom, blinded faith, and healing is what I’m seeking. Prayers are always appreciated and great motivational keep going attitudes are always welcome to share with me and our other friends here on the blog.

Guys stay safe, be careful, continue to grow and learn, and give thanks for another day here on this earth. As always follow me on social media FB, IG, Twitter @Sista2sister make sure if you haven’t done so already subscribe here to the blog also comment, like, share, and share again lol. Thank you guys lets continue this friendship together.

By (Sista Love)

Read my blog and find out. I dare you?

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