Tis the season 2 be jolly

Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la tis the season to be jolly!. Hello beauties, how are you all? Did you see the musical note at the beginning? Don’t lie how many of you started to sing along. Now forgive me guys around this year I’m usually not a over the top Christmas person. Oh I like Christmas and I like the songs but rarely do I ever go and listen to them without being prompted to by the radio. This year I find myself playing Christmas carols throughout the day or humming them. Now I don’t know if its just because of this year 2020, but I’m not going to over think it. One thing I know for sure is that we can all use a little extra love this season and I urge you to find enjoyment in the little things to keep your spirit going.

So to start things off I’m going to be listing some of my favorites Christmas songs I’ve been listening too. I want you, yes you to drop some of your favorite Christmas songs in the comments don’t be shy. I know some of you may not think much of this season or year and that feeling your feeling you are entitle to that and if nothing much changes, I pray you find joy, peace, and happiness in the midst of anything your going through. For me I’ve found myself looking for joy in the smaller aspects of everything now. Learning to be “More In the World than of the World”. Here it goes Pentatonix- The best of Pentatonix Christmas album- The whole album is great some of the songs by them on repeat is Halleluiah, Carol of the bells, Mary did you know, Little drummer boy, Winter wonderland/ Don’t be worry, Here comes Santa clause, How great thou art, and That’s Christmas to me. Boom okay that’s just off one album and those are the classics. I also enjoy Justin Bieber MistleToe & Mariah Careys classic Christmas songs & Holy Night. One of my favorites so far its not even a Christmas song but its super dope and uplifting and I heard it on the movie Jingle Jangle. If you haven’t watched Jingle Jangle on Netflix go check it out it was so good a great family movie as well. The song is called Miles & Miles by Marisha Wallace. Let me know how you’ve enjoyed this playlist!

Now for the Christmas movies- I know some of them are over redundant, overly sappy, or the plot is so easily noticeable but I still cant help myself from watching some of them. Now for me there is no where near enough of diversity in them and I think that’s the problem a lot of people have with watching them including myself. We love the fairytale aspect but we would like to also be able to see ourselves in the characters of that fairytale. Were so mixed up as a melting pot so to keep portraying only one color of love is highly disappointing. So that’s my little rant really quick about Christmas movies lol I’m sorry I had to do it because I do love the idea of watching these movies but representation matters!!!!. Now I want to hear from you how do you and your family celebrate or how do you get in the season? Is there any fun or traditional games you play? Let me know! Signed: Sista Luv

Let the countdown begin*** 4 DAYS LEFT***Keep a look out for my Special Christmas Post!!!.. Breathe, you’ve done what you can and there is someone more important we need to focus our attention on this season. Hint he is the reason for the season!!

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