21 Day Change

Hello beauties, I pray all is well with you all. So lets jump into todays post 21 day change, so they said it takes between 21-238 days to form a habit. I know what your thinking that is a far stretch but I came here to attest to the 21 days part and counting so it can work. If your an active reader of my blog you will notice I did a post and I have an entire tab called Start the journey with me where I talk about food, workout, and most importantly mental will. I can surely speak for myself that I have fallen off my workouts before the new year even started and honestly I didn’t start my new year with a I’m going to exercise resolution. (Health concerns also played apart in why working out was getting more difficult) *** Please if any of you are dealing with pains and health concern and its blocking you from doing certain things please go see a doctor if you haven’t already!! (It made the difference for me) -and trust me I hated going to the Doctor I always brushed it off. But that’s not why were here, it was just an added tid-bit bonus😊.

February was the month I said – I really need to get myself together health wise and with my eating and working out and guys I put myself on this 21 day challenge to do better. Why 21 days? I figure if I can start off with that and stick to it with my occasional cheat day in there then I can tackle another 21 days after that as well. Most importantly I figure if working out was becoming difficult for me due to the health concerns at least let me eat cleaner so I can help in that way, food is 80% & workouts was the other 20% so I took on what I can do for the moment and that’s the 80%.

So I know your all like well is it working? The answer your all waiting for is YES!. I’ve completed my 21 day food challenge now lets start another 21 day. I’m super excited how well its been working because I’ve been sticking to it and doing it. Would you like to start your own 21 day challenge? It’s easy first pick a date, then you will also need to evaluate the food your eating, and lastly make a promise to yourself I’m going to stick with it all day breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Need help ? Go to my Homepage click the tab labeled Start the journey with me (Its free and easy) *No I’m not a dietician nor some workout guru* I am someone who is willing to share what works for me and if your interested because you want the help then I’m here to help. *Why the sign up? – because its easier for me to respond to you directly verses writing a whole post just to answer 1 question. What are the precautions? None, its a mental will that only you can decide.

Thank you lovely people for rocking out with me and don’t forget to Comment, Like, Share, & Subscribe here to the blog! Follow me on social media @sista2sister. As always Stay safe & Stay blessed. Happy Reading XOXOXOXOXO- lots of hugs & Kisses β€β€β€πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’–πŸ’–

By (Sista Love)

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