Speaking Changes (be the change you want to see)

Hey beautiful people, I hope you’re doing well today. Today I wanted to share one of my toughest personal attacks I commit against myself daily. Trust me it’s not on purpose and I really don’t even want to give into it but there’s a point without even thinking about it I just shrug off the changes I want to see and even speak in the opposite manner against them. My biggest flex is being invested in other people’s ideas, goals/changes but my worst flex is being unreceptive towards my changes I want. Today I’m deciding to speak up because I want and have to be the change that I want to see. We can’t think greatness but speak defeat. I’m sure you guys heard of that ole saying “If you knew better, you’ll do better”. This is a fact as old as time, and I don’t want us to spend any more time wrestling with it.

Anybody can post or tell you about their biggest flex, but can they open up about one of their weaknesses? See If I want things to change then I need to be honest with myself of the changes I need. So, I’m speaking changes, changes in my thoughts (Great and wonderful things are on the way and in store for me). Changes in my weight management (the new look I want is not far away I just have to take it day by day). Changes in my eating (a little cleaner and less late-night eating). Changes in my time management (More writing and reading. Shake off the spirit of Procrastination! Changes in my spiritual life (spending more time in God’s word), Changes in my romantic life (My husband is on the way and he’s everything I prayed for and the union we share). Changes in my finances (Overflow is on the way and generational curses are being broken). Finding this rhythm won’t happen overnight and as good as I hope this blog projects you won’t read it and be healed of this right away either. This will take day by day practice and positive energy to complete the work.

Everyday there is a war on our mental health whether indirectly (other people annoying butts) or directly (from our overthinking or over analyzing butts). So, every day we must put on the full Armour of God and speak out loud of the good things in store and the wonderful person you are. It must become a part of our daily commitment, just like some of us may commit to scrolling on social media or online every day, we must commit to speaking these great and powerful words over ourselves the same way.

Quick Tips to help are write down some great quality and goals/changes you would like to see on a post it notes in your room, bathroom, car, workstation, or anywhere you can see and read out loud. Place an alarm on your phone to remind yourself of positive affirmations! Tell a friend and practice with each other! I truly believe that 2023 is the year of changes and I know some people may read this and go everyone say something symbolic for the beginning of the year. My response is just because someone says it doesn’t mean they’re actually growing. See change is growth and it’s either you’re growing upward meaning that your blossoming, learning, allowing yourself to be watered and replenished or you’re growing downward meaning your stems are lacking nutrients (a.k.a growth) and your literally heading in a downward position losing radiance and lacking luster, so in relatable terms be a flower not a weed!

To anyone struggling with believing great things can happen, will happen or is in store for you, just know you’re not alone. Every time you want to say We’ll I’ll never meet the right one or I’ll never get that house or I’ll never, do me a favor and just stop. Quiet down your mind and say that’s not true. I’m worth it! Always been, always will and these things are in my future. Extra quick tip, count up to10 in your mind anytime an overflow of negative thought or doubts come your way. This helps calm the mind, now all there next is to shower it with blessings and positive energy.

Well, my lovelies I hope you enjoyed this post and my honest heart to heart moment I enjoy sharing with you all. Writing to you guys always makes me feel better 🥰. Don’t forget to like, share, comment, and subscribe here to the blog for all things life and love. Tell a friend, show another friend a safe place for peaceful people to come together and embark on great conversations. Don’t forget free anonymous advice is available, send me an email at or msg me here on the blog. Follow me on social media IG @sista2sister. As always stay safe and stay blessed. Lots of hugs and kisses from me to you XOXOXOXOXOX 🥰🥰❤️❤️💖💖😘😘😘😍😍🖤🖤😊😊

4 replies on “Speaking Changes (be the change you want to see)”

Good day to all my beautiful soul sista’s, I hope that you’ll day is fill with love, laughter and blessings. This sista is blessing from God with her knowledge, talented, understanding, love and wisdom, her writing skills touches the hearts of many, I know it touches my heart for sure. I know that I’m guilty of some of the things she mentioned, sorry, to be honest it’s about 90% of them listed.
I have preyed, I have fastening, believe, trust and faith in The lord God almighty. I have falling, but got back up, this year 2023 has not started out good for me so far. My faith is stronger than a mustard seed and God is going to turn it around for me, I have rededicated my life to him all over again. Our faith is in his hands, the thoughts of giving up is kicked under the stairs along with the devil, my dreams and goals are in close reach, so close that I can see it, but also touch it.
To my sista’s around the world let’s not give up, a closer walk with Jesus is the key to our life, our goals and our spirituality helps us each day. I’m holding out my hands in solidarity to all my beautiful God fearing sista’s out there to join hands with me as if we was all together in a circle United as one.


Joy, thank you so much for always sharing your kind words, love, and affection for the blog and our blog family. Your comments are truly appreciated, and I’m deeply touched over and over for all your sentiments. 2023 were speaking changes and I love it!


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